Friday, February 24, 2012

High Cholesterol Means Too Much Meat And No Exercise

This lunch hour I went to take my medical report from my regular doctor... he was in even though it was lunch time... well, I guess he doesn't take lunch, no wonder he looks "good!"

Anyway, back to my report... everything seems to be fine except for my so-called Total Cholesterol... According to the doc, my Good cholesterol is nice... 2.4 but my Bad cholesterol is 3.5.. the overall cholesterol is 6.1.... (high or not?)

Doc said it is a bit high and some real exercise will do me good... Real exercise means really sweating out...not just taking Labbie for an evening stroll... And that also means... less intake of Meat and more on Vegetables instead. How sad for me! :(

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Other than the Cholesterol, urine with traces of blood and protein, everything else seems to be fine....

I remember the last two years, I have problem with my uric acid and ESR...(whatever that is...)

Ok, tomorrow onwards.... eat fish instead, take more vegetables and exercise till sweat... (how boring!!)

Wonder whether I need this ITIL v3 2011 pdf for my daily use or not.


  1. Some food which help lower your cholesterol
    1. Oatmeal, oat bran and high-fiber foods
    2. Fish and omega-3 fatty acids
    3. Walnuts, almonds and other nuts
    4. Olive oil

  2. LOL... too much 'good food' liao, Claire. Go vegan or fast for a few days, now lent season liao... good to practice abstinence. =D

    I take alot of oily and unhealthy food, but not really a problem for me cuz I exercise week swim two times, 15-20 laps each time... kekekekek...

  3. pam: i love to eat all that u suggest.. so should be no problem the next round, right? :)

    cleff: how i wish i could swim like u la!!

    kathy: sobbbbssss

  4. that reminds me of going for my next medical check-up

  5. Uric acid? Careful...cut down on meat, seafood, nuts, beans, taugeh - all the high protein stuff... You'll get gout if too high.

  6. Now I m eating oats n lots of exercise ....

  7. Claire, I think all the bad cholesterol are accumulated from the CNY feasts. Start eating like a beggar now and do another annual check-up right before the upcoming CNY. I bet your cholesterol level will drop. Err.... can continue to feast again for the CNY :p

  8. You have been eating too much good food. Now the time to cut down a bit. Go, go, for exercise.

  9. wow i didnt know cholesterol can be reduced by exercise regularly? anyway, eat less meat then! especially egg yolk sotong and some other seafood! =D

  10. It's good that you did a body check up regularly. Good luck in sweating it out and cutting meat!


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