Monday, February 6, 2012

Pan Heong, Here We Come...

One of my highlights of going to KL is to "visit" and savour Pan Heong Restaurant in Batu Caves.  But knowing Andy and myself who are "hopeless" in directions even with GPS, we were quite pessimistic of finding our way there.

But upon reaching my brother's house in Sg. Buloh around two, to my great delight, my brother said he would be taking us there even though he has just taken his lunch with his family.... I told Andy that we must learn how to remember the direction of the roads to Pan Heong since we love the food there so much....

My brother also loves the food here.. these were what he ordered...
 claypot porridge with fish slices and century egg..
a lot of you don't like these croaking flesh.. 
but I do love them very much...
Just steaming them will do.. original taste...
the crispy fried beancurd fish paste
my girl likes the Jawa mee (chinese style)
and everyone loves this...
Sang Har koay teow noodles (flat noodles)
in egg gravy...
The thick egg gravy with the fresh prawns....
Six of us "walloped" the above mentioned..
A meal not to be missed by us... 

Here is the address..
No. 2, Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2, Medan Batu Caves



  1. All the food looks good!!
    Tempted to try when I go KL, but macam too far from my SIL's house......

  2. great gastronome taste the same!! haha, those are almost the same thing I usually ordered!! even the porridge to my surprise is also fish and century egg!! haha.. eih, next time try their "kao yuk mai fun" very nice..

  3. kathy: but thirsty! :p

    hayley: Batu Caves..

    sk: i tried that before.. dont really like it.. too saltish..

  4. i eat frogs! that must be so fresh, steaming is the best! salivating actually looking at the noodles!

  5. I want the sang had kuay teow noodles! : )

  6. Did somebody say frogs? Eyewwwwww!!!!!!

  7. It all looks very good!!! Are there caves there to tour, too?

  8. it's a great place to have yummy food..

  9. No, thanks to the croaking flesh.The flat noodles in egg gravy and the fresh prawns looks yummy!!!...

  10. All food look so good. Especially the Sang Har Noondles. Drooling now.

  11. Everything looks perfect. How about the cost?

  12. Nice nice nice...oh i like the thick prawn gravy noodle.

  13. Claire, you've successfully made me drool with those tasty looking pics..... I'm hungry now.

  14. I havent tried frog with porridge before. Usually, I will eat frog fried with dark soya sauce with dried chillies.

  15. Pam, not sure of cost cos i didnt ask my brother... but from my earlier visits, their prices are reasonable, unlike the one in Bercham.. that one was very high...


Thank you, readers!

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