Saturday, February 18, 2012

So This Is KL Life...

Some pictures I took while I was having a stroll ..
in Kuala Lumpur....not in IPOH...
Peaceful and serene... 
even cyclists were not endangered in any way...
safe to walk... safe to cycle...
left, right.... left, right...
enjoying the greens and scenery along the way.....
then...along the way, "Lassie" came by....
She was smiling at us... maybe greeting us.. 
"Good evening, ladies!  Are you visitors around here?"
"I haven't seen you here before... by the way, my name is "Lassie"
but not the same Lassie as you seen on TV during the 1970s...
"Ok, Lassie, time to bade goodbye.. 
hope to see you next time when we go KL again!"
after Lassie, another pair came out to walk too...
this pair were not so friendly... 
they have better things to do, I guess...

.Just look at this house..
I don't think I can manage to housekeep that... 
I can only stand amazed...


  1. wow which area is that? damansara?
    looks like all expensive houses!

  2. i have expected some picture of Traffic Jam... some picture of people walking faster than everywhere in Malaysia.. some nice party place and great picture of nice and huge shopping mall.

  3. Those Balinese style houses... look familiar to me. Near Serdang? Bukit.... can't recall the name.

  4. I guess those are high residential area. Nice scenery and peaceful.

  5. Very nice houseing area. SO peaceful and serene. Envious.

  6. Nice area of KL!

    Good shots

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  7. nice eh! why dint tell us? wanna bring u go makan!! XD

  8. henry: houses that i cannot afford at all..

    tz: yes.. KL jam.. i very takut also..

    pam: no.. not Serdang.. :)

    anony: the greens there too..

    cloudia: greetings!!

    caroline: thanks! but limited time la...

    sheohyan: i also envious leh..

  9. looks like a gated residence area but most of KL is not like that. it's altogether different from the real world!!

  10. That house is really something else! I can't imagine the housekeeping and cleaning it would require. I also like the big vase in the picture before it. This looks like a lovely area to live in.

  11. wow, if you saw that house while strolling around, I would expect the house you're staying in is similar .. nice!! :)

  12. Nice walk, nice dogs, nice house :D I think you dare not show us the traffic jam...haha

  13. Looks like a very nice place to go for a jog... I love the park... very peaceful... thats the closest place i can go in order to feel mother nature.

    Sorry for seldom dropping by... was quite busy these few days. =)

  14. err..that does not represent the actual kl lah. i'm sure you know. no proper cyclist lane and cars wheeze by quickly :))

  15. nice evening walk! i'm sure u can find nice places like this in Ipoh too :)

  16. KL life like that one meh? i thought it's KLCC and traffic jams and rubbish on the road... XP

  17. so to walk around the neighborhood

  18. eugene: took my mum down for CNY..

    doc: yeah, i know.. just a small fraction of KL...

    ginny: looks peaceful enough..

    mary: cos i didnt go there to take pics! hahaa..

    isaac: i m not living in KL la.. :)

    daniel: no mind.. come when free!!

    yingying: so far, ipoh I dont see this type of place yet.

    wenn: yeah, better than polo ground.. hahaa..

    medie: hehehee... so cham hor!

    barb: yeah, just a small fraction..

  19. looks like a nice place for morning walks..

  20. Love the housing area.. Still got land available ah? :D

  21. lena: yes..lovely to retirement too.. but I still prefer to stay in Ipoh.. :)

    cath: i must ask my friend first.. hahaha..

  22. Nice house,but too big for my family and I can't housekeeping such a big house...really need a maid to help up.

  23. not all Kl like that leh... that's a nice part of KL you're in :-)


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