Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boarding House Again?

I have been spending quite a lot lately sending my "family member" to the "dog hotel"... it is not cheap nowadays, one night cost RM20 but of course it includes food and two times walking to the field.  But if we go for extended nights, it could be costly...  I guess I have to cut down on my traveling ...
My Family Member...
too bad cannot take her along..
Camera Shy...
"Do I have to stay here again?"
"This hotel is too small for me..... "
 "I wanna go home!" she whined..

After looking at these pictures, I finally made my mind..
Labbie will stay home this time..
A Dog-Sitter is what I need when I go traveling again.... 


  1. RM20 is not cheap...
    in kl u could get a room

  2. Claire, here in KL is RM35.00 a day. I not very keen in sending my furry friends to boarding, I am afraid when they come home, their potty schedule will be all messed up.

  3. The space too small for Labby already...
    Pity Labby...

  4. Next time Labbie will mogok..wanna follow LOL

  5. From the last picture, we can see that Labbie was pretty down as if she knew that she would be staying there for a period of time. What a pity...

  6. simpleperson: nowadays nothing is cheap.. sigh..

    quaypo: i get what you mean.. it is true.. they can get confused..

    garfield: want to dogsit or not? :)

    kathy: next time i take her along if there is anyone who accepts her in their house.. hahha..

  7. consider cheap la...KL quite expensive...;P what's her name?I would like to introduce her to my Renee( schnauzer) ;)

  8. Hey! Your neighbours/siblings/friends/doctor/dentist should dog sit for you.

  9. Awww.....she looks so sad behind bars :( good that you'll let her stay home and get a dog sitter. Over here, my friend put his 2 cats to a pet hotel when he went for a holiday. It was a 5-star pet hotel!! My gosh....first time I heard that!

  10. Oops, why is he in prison


  11. Yes, dog sitter is a good idea!! Will you have to pay or do you have friends who will do it as a favor?

  12. KL RM20 can get a room, Simple Person? Where? Where?

    Maybe you can employ me to dog-sit when you go travelling. Pay for my airfare to KL and travelling expenses to Ipoh...stay at your house free, makan free, tidur free...enough already lah! LOL!!!

  13. rm20 consider cheap for large breed...
    if im not mistaken , kl is rm25..
    n now mlk oso rm20 but only for small breed..large breed need rm25.. :(

  14. It would be nicer if someone you know can help you...

  15. Just keep him at home, he can guide your house when you all go travelling. Have a sitter to come and feed him everyday will be fine already.

  16. eunice: bring him to ipoh! :)

    jessie: wow.. i dare not ask those pro!

    mary: some animals are very blessed to have such good owners!

    ginny: i ought to pay though so far, i have not asked any to come to my house yet..

    stp: on second thoughts, i better send to the vet.. hahaha...

    athena: great!!

    ying: RM20 is inclusive of makan and lodging.. if few days, expensive la.

    hayley: yeah lo.. i think i can find one..

    yan: that is very right!

  17. sometimes you also got to be aware of sending them to the pets boarding, they may be easily got infected..also lots of sick dogs there..

  18. Try to get a friend to come and feed him when you are away. Labbie can help you to look after the house when u r away.


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