Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lunch At Lorong Selamat, Penang

When it came to lunch, all of us went out to Lorong Selamat for the famous hawker food. I know we should not go there because it is a tourist area but then, this place is one of the best I know of...  though it is a bit pricey but then when it comes to traveling, we got to spend and pay more, right?  Cannot be so calculative...  hahhaa...

Here are some of the food we ordered....
can you guess what this is??
it is "otak-otak"... 
I ordered one for myself cos my kids don't like it...
Love the spices and the fish... yummy!!
my son loves this... fried oyster... Penang style...
followed by a plate of fried Koay Teow..
small mini-sized portion...
just nice for us ladies but surely not enough for the boys..
and of course, this is not to be missed... 
Penang Chendol...
Don't ask the prices..
I cannot remember anyway.. hahaa...
Eating is fun... 
But it will not be if we keep remembering their prices... 

Kuay Teow Th’ng


  1. wow the otak-otak looks so huge! :D

  2. The otak otak looks delicious although I am not a fan : )

  3. I would love the otak-otak too.

  4. i been to lorong selamat makan makan ..
    d PG cendol is simple the best..

  5. I was just thinking to myself that you must be rich to afford to eat out so much.

  6. You're right. Although we are aware that Lorong Selamat sells one of the most expensive food on the island, somehow tourist will still flock in. That's the advantage of being reputable.

  7. What is this hawker food, is it like from a street vendor? Looks so good!

  8. Yummmm.... Now you're making me miss Penang and all the food there. These are what I love - and what Penang is all about!!!

    Huh? Otak-otak not in banana leaf? that fail already lah... Potong markah.

  9. The otak-otak so big. For yourself only. Anyway, not a fan of it. Fried oyster and koay teow and the Penang cendol looks simply mouth-watering.

  10. fish: actually not so huge.. just a bowl.. :)

    foong: yeah, cos of the spices smell?

    wenn: me too!

    mery: it was not bad.. nice..

    simpleperson:the one in penang road is nice too!

    gigi: over here, eating out is a norm.. sometimes it is cheaper to eat out than cooking at home.. :)

    ginny: hawker food.. means the authentic food in Penang.. mainly sold in open air shops..

    stp: the leaves were at the bottom.. this one more commercialized one..

    irene: how come i eat almost anything sold one ah? :)

  11. I can see how good the food is from the smiley of your girl.


Thank you, readers!

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