Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our 4th Meal In Noodle House, Sibu

Our 4th meal was almost immediately after the Payung Cafe... unbelievable, right? Well, that is what we did...Have Food Will Eat! *faint*...

Seriously, we didn't plan to have our 4th meal but because of our friend, Ling, she wanted to "tar-pau" back some kompia (chinese bagels) from this Noodle House.. so we have no "choice" but to follow her there... heheheee... such a nice excuse!
 The Noodle Specialist!  Wow....
now wondering why we didn't try the noodles... hmmm..
here comes the porridge/congee with black century egg...
this needs no introduction, right?
anyway, I tell u.. this is Vanilla Crepe...(19 layers??)
Gorgeous Crepe.. cheap too.. RM6.90, I think!
we ordered 3 sets of kompia with different fillings..
These fresh kompia go with the chicken curry....
And these with pork belly....or should I say 3 layers meat? Fats!  
Oh gosh!
as for me, I chose to eat one of these.... minced meat fillings.
Actually our 4th meal is only a light one... right?
 A Happy Meal... settled...
Ling with her precious kompia-s...
She left at 6pm that very evening... 
er... after our 5th meal at Ruby's!


  1. Wahhh! The kong piang looks so much better than Sitiawan's. This is a must try item when I go to Sibu one day. Looks so porkilicious...

  2. mille crepe at RM6.90 only?? that's really cheap. i can't resist the juicy pork there too!

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  3. pam: you really made me laugh with a new word.."porkilicious!" hahaha...

    fish: if i m not mistaken, it is that price....

  4. Yup! The vanilla mille crepe's RM6.90 and the double chocolate mille crepe's RM8.80. I hear it is RM9 something at Fouund Foundry or what's the name of that place in KL...and I bought from Arthur Crepe at Tokyo Street, Pavilion for RM10.50...and they were not even nice! Tsk! Tsk!

    These are soooo....out of this world! Yum! Yum!

  5. And the 3 types of kompia came in a set with two or three Horlicks Godzilla if I'm not mistaken - can't remember the price now but definitely cheaper than if you order them individually!

  6. i think it is nice just eat the kosong fresh kompia... right?

  7. stp: the price is unbelievable! yes, these kompia comes in set of 3... RM21.90 with 2 drinks too! not bad, huh...

    simpleperson: yes, can be eaten just like that... especially fresh and hot! :)

  8. the kompia looks so yummy to me, all three different fillings!! wow, I think the pork belly one should be the better one??

  9. have food will eat indeed .. food makes the world go round. Glad to see you guys being so happy XD

  10. sk: for those of you who likes a bit of fats, these will be nice..

    issac: have food will travel!

  11. my favorite lunch hangout place... :)

  12. You're in Sibu M-Knight? Blogger friends came all the way to your little hometown, didn't even bother to meet and entertain them. Or you're in KL or someplace else Borneo Falcon?

  13. I would love to go to a noodle house like this! the swan sculpture below is very pretty, but I want that mint chocolate shake!!

  14. Hahhahah...yes the precious kompia-s. Very delicious!

  15. wow..definitely a great place to enjoy food!

  16. @STP : The plc in KL is called Food Foundry

    Claire: LOL...i this each meal we ate twice...two breakfast two lunch two dinner :p

  17. STP: wan to but right now traveling.... :)

  18. I prefer kompia with minced meat too. The porridge with century egg is something I like.

  19. chris: memang good!! u miss a lot of that.. hahaa..

    m-knight: wow.. what else is nice there?

    stp: hope he sees your comment! :)

    kathy: will that happen in Bali too?? hahaha..

    mery: u visited there too?

    irene: cos we are scared of fats! hahaa..

  20. Who's going to Bali? Hmmmm....not coming to Sibu again kah? Sulk! Sulk!

  21. he he he, makan non-stop.....siok lah can eat so many types of food....yum!

  22. stp: come join us in Bali if jadi!! the more the merrier!

    pete: we are food wallopers ma.. hahaa..

  23. That kompia! kompia! Waaaah so tempting! I like oh I LIKE!

    Haha holiday in Malaysia is always about foods foods foods.

  24. Wahhh, Claire... the kompiah looks divine! I want some too... but not pork ones... I wan chicken or beef inside... got kah?

  25. Wow...the vanilla crepe looks so delicious. :D

  26. daniel: i agree with you!!

    cleff: oh, u got to ask stp then.. i think sure got... ask them to do special..hehee..

    chris: and some more so cheap!


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