Monday, March 12, 2012

Sibu Airport Departure And Arrival

At the hotel lobby... finally we managed to get some connection.. Andy tried clicking here and there.. and my netbook eventually felt "deflated" and allow us to log into the Internet.. hahaha..

Here are some pictures of us in the LCCT departure terminal, a very busy metal building... we arrived around 12pm and our flight is around 2.50pm, delayed for more than half hour... nevertheless our spirits are still high....

at the waiting hall....
Arrived at Sibu!!  
Waiting for our "limousine"
Many thanks to Wee Kean and family for fetching us ...
Sibu airport is also under renovation....
In another few months, I guess it will be complete...
So...if you plan to come in another few months time,
a new furnished airport will be "welcoming" you....


  1. Finally u get the internet connection..ehehehhe.

  2. It's going to be really nice and HUGE!!! I do hope more blogger friends will come and visit. Go, go and tell everybody how nice it is here...and do come again. Drag Elin with you! Come, Elin, come...

  3. I noticed you look younger and younger in photos. Mind sharing what magic cream you use?

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  5. sounds like the sibu airport is bigger than the one in our town.

  6. yeeling: very tortoise la..hahaha.. but better than nothing!

    stp: OK OK!!! Noted! Will post up and advertise more of SIBU... hope you wont regret... you will be very occupied!! dont blame me then.. hahaha...

    twilightman: are you coming to ipoh for a treat?? hahahaa...

    lena: indeed it will be much bigger than IPOH..

  7. I use this airport every 3 weeks on average for the past 2 years

  8. Really love your Sibu posts with all the great food, some of it I haven't even try it myself.

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