Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sibu Central Market

 "Note: Please don't be offended by this post.... thank you."

It was the All-England finals on Sunday night and I thought it would be a late night for me staying up to watch Lee Chong Wei playing against Lin Dan.  But as we all know by now, LCW made a "walkover" cos of his shoulder injury and thus the game ended around 1am...

I thought I wouldn't be able to wake up at 7am the next morning to join them for breakfast but thinking about how much food I would have missed, I quickly pounced up from bed the very next morning around 7.15am....

But Arthur was even earlier than us... gosh!! (hey man, you never sleep much ke?)  He had even finished his marketing by the time he met us up in the hotel... I guess early bird catches the best worms, right?   worms like this here... all fat and juicy!  hahahaa...
Ok, that is another story ..... later on...
We didn't eat those for breakfast... only for DINNER!! 
Arthur took us to try this foochow misua with red wine...
I tried a bit.. I like it...and Kathy like it even more..
she took the whole bowl.... (just kidding, K!)
the wine is not too concentratated as those in Sitiawan...
Arthur ordered this Sarawak laksa for himself... 
I tasted the soup... it was something like assam curry to me..
not so much a "spicy person"... I opted for this below..
I prefer this anytime, any place!
 piansips in soup...  irresistible!!
After our morning breakfast...
  we went to Sibu Central Market...
bought a few packets of dried prawns from here... 
something fascinating caught our eyes...
what's all these lining up neatly packed... 
the kids are the most curious...
Small Kucing quickly walked over.... 
put his head down.... 
"hi, chicken.... "
and finally he sat down and had a talk with them...
Kathy bought a few of these.. 
I thought they were mangoes at first..
but no... actually they are brinjals... 
and later... we came by here to buy one bucket of these...
they ended up as appetizers for dinner!


  1. See! RM10 each the Chicken! STP didnt believe at first right when we told him about it.

  2. angry bird talking to angry bird(note the baju)

  3. Think I won't have the chance going there, haha. But thanks for sharing their food..

  4. wat a cheap COCK!

    also, gives a whole new meaning of 'TALK COCK'


  5. why are the chicken wrapped in such a way?

  6. Wah I thought only cheap chicken, never knew that cock can be cheap too! muahahaha

  7. The worm taste quite syok to eat.
    But dunno why, after eat got allergic.
    But anyway, since nice to eat, worth to allergy also...

  8. kathy: very cheap.. fresh from the market some more.. not those frozen ones.. yeah, coincidence J is wearing that shirt!

    hayley: i also never thought i would be in sibu when i was at your age.. hahaa..

    wk: talk 3 talk 4...

    lena: this is something new to me too...

    quaypo: so... all equal now, right? :)

    garfield: cos they flew back from Sibu..if fresh..then no problem gua...

  9. RM10/chicken?...so cheap lol...

  10. P.S.
    That one Sarawak laksa lah...not curry mee.

  11. P.P.S.
    Actually this place - One Cent...Annie-Q's mum asked me to take you all there for the Foochow mee sua - said very good!

    What you had was the failed attempt at imitating Kuching kolo mee. If you go to Kuching, you will find it is not like that...and it is a whole lot nicer. But I guess it was something like what is called Sarawak dry mee in West Malaysia...and it may taste better even?

  12. nice food, but definitely not those fat and juicy worms for me!! @_@"

  13. The last fruit I have never heard of, but please tell me you didn't eat worms!!!! All the rest looks really good though.

  14. Look at those plump, juicy, succulent and smooth little maggots, the Sarawakians are real food connoisseur.

  15. mery: yeah...much cheaper than over here..

    stp: amended.. i thought it was curry laksa .. yes! the mee sua was nice.. should have ordered another bowl of that.. hahaa..

    ginny: i did!!! I can enter Fear Factor already!! hahaha..

    pam: heard they are good for ladies!

  16. sk: look out for those inside our mouths! hahaa..

  17. Wow!!!.. the chicken, so neatly packed and line up. That is what we call dayak terung. Used for making assam soup, yum!!!...yum!!!

  18. Claire, did you take the worm at the end? Nice ah? It looks horrible.

  19. Claire, did you take the worm at the end? Nice ah? It looks horrible.

  20. Ahhhhh....worms! No No!! I dun think I wana go near it.

  21. Huh? I posted a loooooong comment but it has gone missing.

  22. Poor chickens...have to be wrapped with newspaper...can't we just kill the poor chicken? :(


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