Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Astro On Demand, Daddy Good Deeds!

I am having writer's block... two reasons... firstly, it is partly due to my girl's further studies... secondly, the main reason is because of being addicted to the Astro On Demand Hongkong Series!

 Ever since my girl stopped working, she has nothing much to do at home... so when Elin subscribed to Astro on Demand last week, I followed suit... and I ended up paying the full package RM160 over!  Am I overspending?  But I think this will only be temporary.....

To make full use of this Astro Full Package, both of us are now glued to the TV most of time... healthy? Nope, not so... I cannot do my proper blogging, I cannot go out (don't feel like it) and our "buttocks" seem to be "rooted" six feet away from our TV...
Both of us are on this latest HK series....
Daddy Good Deeds!


  1. It's nice drama for family to watch together. Love the ending. :D
    Seriously, after having Astro On Demand, sure everynight on weekday from 8.30pm to 10.30 pm sure stuck in front of TV one.

  2. hey, like that then totally dont hv to cook dinner already lor..

  3. my wife and myself enjoy it so much..
    it is fun and happy show..
    not like those series talk about emperor, steal ppl's husband, get the father's fortune and so on..
    GOOD ..

  4. I watched only the first 2 episodes, found it abit boring... Now watching the 'Boxing King'.. Seems not bad~

  5. My whole family enjoy watching HK series too but we did not subscribe to Astro. Instead, we bought the pxxxxx disc at RM4 per disc. RM10 is good enough to pay for a 20-episode series.

  6. Diane: today ending liow.. so now will watch another show...

    lena: Have to cater! or ..tar pau.. :)

    simpleperson: yeah, not a complicated series.. just enlightening...

    hayley: comedy... nice to watch if want to relax...

    pam: we also bought last time but most times, when nearly ending, the cd tend to rosak one... hahaha..

  7. luckily I don't hv astro. Otherwise, I will be stuck near the tv too..

  8. I've never purchased any of these AOD shows, for me got enough channels to watch dy! haha

    It's lovely to watch shows with ur daughter, nice bonding session :-)

  9. wenn: yeah..better not.. otherwise dont see also wasted! :)

    kristie: this one will be temporary.. once she leaves for further studies, i will downgrade it..

  10. Funny! Well, there is always a time and a place for everything, and you are both really getting your money out of it!!!

  11. Eyewwww!!!! Even without that, my missus already watching all day long all the time... I can imagine what it will be like if I have that package too. Tsk! Tsk!

  12. Haha..that's why i don't want to subscribe to AOD. Otherwise, my children will be neglected.

    And I agree with you those pXXXXXX ones, the ending always rosak one. potong steam only.

    If your daughter is going for further studies, all the more you should subscribe to it. Kill your time ;)

  13. Like mine spending over RM160 for Astro packages. Big family with different interest..sigh

  14. I don't have astro. NTV7 has lots of nice mandarin drama. More than enough liaw.

  15. the female police drama is quite good too :) i love to watch that as well. but i watched it online lol

    Latest: The Healthy Bar

  16. ginny: this is only temporary..

    stp: u will be neglected.. haha...

    carolyn: yes, with small kids, not advisable actually..

    alv: i bet u dont have much time to watch them right?

    philippines: thanks!

    irene: true actually...nowadays tv has a lot of shows..

    fish: save money, right? :)

  17. So nice...the only channel I get to watch nowadays at home is 613...Disney !!!

  18. I love watching dramas. Since my girls are in morning school, I have quited drom watching late night dramas. No drama in 2012 for me. Sob...sob...

  19. Astro on Demand! Am glad I am not hooked on it though some days I note both my MIL and mum are so hooked on it that family meals are kinda compromised:P

  20. daddy: cos u r a young daddy ma.. hahaha...

    yan: sooner or later, u will have time to watch.. like me! :)

    missy: poor girl.. no home cooked food? :)


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