Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bra Or Ear?

For a few nights already, I had been yearning for this particular type of biscuit to munch... during lunch time I drove to First Garden to find, even went to Wenn's shop but to no avail... she didn't even know what I was talking about when I described the biscuit to her...

I asked, "Bra biscuits, you know... like a cone shape, brown in colour, hard type.... " She had no idea what I was talking about... hahahaa... Thanks Wenn for being patient... we ended up buying two Magnum ice creams sticks instead.. lol....

Then yesterday I found what I had been looking and yearning for....
My version of "Bra Biscuits"
I remember calling them that when I was young... 
Cantonese version is "Lin Ku Pian"  (sounds vulgar, right?)
It seems the actual name is "Yee Chai Pian"  (Ears biscuits)
So...which do you think is more appropriate....
Bra or Ear?  
(just for laughs)


  1. That's called 'Ngau Yee Pehng'. (Cow's ear biscuit)

  2. I know this as ear biscuit. Hehe it's addictive lo

  3. Yalor! Ear lah!!! Neng khak = bra! LOL!!!

  4. Call ear biscuit lah.Very addictive.Once you start munching, it will never stop.

  5. Looks more like a bra cup to me then an ear. What or who has ears that look like those? Is the biscuit sort of like a fortune cookie shell?

  6. trekking your blog!!! wow!! interesting biscuits! hehe


  7. is ear cookies but it does not look like ear right..

  8. pam: yeah, finally i got the name from the shop...

    isaac: so it is..

    kathy: i tot linku pian ma..

    simpleperson: I really forgot what name...

    stp: what does it look like??

    irene: yeah lo.. suddenly got yearning to eat that!

    patty: yes, u r the only one who agrees with me.. hahaha..

    wk: hehehee.. not dolly parton?

    icedgurl: come by more often...

    agnes: yeah..more like a bra, yes?

  9. haha..if u told me that it's 'ear biscuit' then I know..

  10. looks more like a bra than an ear, that's for sure!!!

  11. Looks like a bra to me, and one that Madonna would wear!

  12. ear biscuit la....never heard of bra biscuit lol.

  13. I know this as ee chai peang.. the ear biscuit wor..

  14. ear biscuit!! it's my first time hearing people calling lin ku peang! hahaha!

  15. Ear! Now you make me long for one!

  16. Bra biscuits... hahaha very funny! No wonder your friend didn't get it. Even in BM, it's called biskut telinga ;)

  17. I LIKE the slight spicy taste of Ear biscuit. Ate them when i was a little gal.
    btw where did you buy the UGG boots wgich yr gal wore to korea. tq

  18. We called it Cow Ear's biscuit.


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