Sunday, April 8, 2012

Family And Sports Day In DR Seenivasagam Park

We had our first Family Day in Ipoh, well known as DR Park Seenivasagam. The weather was and sunny... well organized by the office staff... they had made a great effort in making this family day a success! Kudos to them!

Everyone who came had a good time, I guess cos we didn't go home empty-handed... arrival gifts, lucky draws and games prizes, breakfast and lunch boxes were provided... well, what more can we ask?
Part of the committee staff in charge...
excluding me... :)
My nephew was most happy...
his first time playing Darts...
my girl participating in the Sack Race...
Fun watching them run in the gunny sacks..
 The greens... nice and sunny...
getting all ready for the next race... 
Giant Shoes!
Four of us in one big shoe...
Must Co-ordinate well...
Left, Right...Left... 
All came tumbling down.... LOL...
Never mind... UP we go again...
Up we go again!!!

We didn't give up...We ran the race...
To our goal...
Though we were last, we finished the race! 

Most important we had a good time! 

Happy Easter!!


  1. ooo.. family days organized by companies are always lots of fun! :P I see a lot of happy faces there..

  2. All seems to have an enjoyable family day.

  3. Happy Easter Claire!

    Haha I miss those kind of activities at the field xD So much fun back then :D

  4. Hi Reana, nice pics....I still remember this Taman. Used to poach fish at the Lake long time ago.
    You looking great.
    Can see you had a fun time....

  5. I missed Taman senivasagam park. And yes, there were lots fishers then. R they still ard?

    Happy Easter to u too.

  6. Happy Easter Sunday Claire. This park reminds me of me and my first boyfriend "pak tor" there. hahaha I think I have not been to this park since I left Ipoh when I was 18.

  7. Wahhhh!!! So hot! Sunburn or not? Happy Easter to you, Claire and all in your family. God bless, all.

  8. I had not Ben to dr park for like more than 10 years...
    Good n happy family day...

  9. it reminds me of the kindergarten's family day, i didnt attend any ever since then :( looks like you enjoyed there very much!

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  10. wow..that's fun and interesting!

  11. isaac: leave the work behind and u will see happy faces!

    irene: yes, i guess all had a good time!

    daniel: hot and sunny... !!

    u.lee: u have been here too?

    jessie: its been years since i have been there too..i dont know fishes are still there or not..

    quaypo: wahhh... u too? me too!! hahaha...

    stp: Girls wanna have fun ma.. so the hot sun doesnt scare us away.. lol...

    simpleperson: those were the good old days!

    fish: sometimes we must go out in the sun to have fun...

    wenn: it was fun, yes.. and hot!!

  12. The staff club of my school had always wanted to organise a family trip but teachers are not very keen on that. Funny... there are 140 teachers in school but we can't even gather a minimum of 40 to a bus. Sigh~~~

  13. Happy Easter! The games looked like fun.

  14. What funny pictures!! Looks like a great time was had by all! Many blessings to you and your family on this Easter Sunday, Claire!

  15. OMG... lol... lari dalam guni... I participated in a lari dalam guni race before. I was in standard 5. And I won second place! LOL! Geez, this sure brings back the memories.

  16. Aww...I have never ever joined in such family day. Must join one one day. :D

  17. All seems to have an enjoyable family day.. will be a sweet memory..

  18. hahaha cant help smiling looking at this post. Looks fun :)

  19. Very fun-filled family events and could see everyone had a good time.

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