Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hari Anugerah (Prize Giving Ceremony)

This morning we arrived at the school around 8.45am, the headmistress was still giving her speech in the secondary hall. It was already crowded, I couldn't sit together with my girl, she has to be on the right and parents on the left side of the hall. There were two speeches before the ceremony, in the midst of it, I felt like shedding some tears...

Guess as I age, I become more and more sensitive toward such occasions... no need to mention why I feel like this.. it just comes naturally...

When the ceremony started, parents stood up and took pictures of their kids...(well, we are proud parents, right?) While most of them were holding their DSLR, I wish I have one so that I don't have to walk nearer to the stage... With a DSLR, one only needs to "ZOOM", right?

Ok, here are some blur pictures I took in the midst  of the award giving.....
Doesn't this make me wish that I have DSLR??
 students' performance...
Can our Ex-PM help to get a scholarship for her?
and for her friends as well?

We are still in a quandary... 
Not decided which college to go yet...
Still have another month or so to decide....


  1. hope can find good college nearby :)

  2. You must be SO proud, she is beautiful AND smart!!! And so many colleges want her, how many have accepted her? How many is she choosing from? You don't need a DSLR. I have a Nikon P100 point and shoot and it has a 27X super Zoom. You can easily get pictures of the stage from the back seat.

  3. I read this oso can feel sentimental dy. I can imagine you sitting there seeing your little girl on stage accepting her award... time flies...

  4. Once again, congrats! How was it like when watching your daughter receive an academic award?

  5. Apart from the cert, did she get cash reward? hehehe
    Oh ,even if u hv a DSLR but din get the zoom lense, it still can't take pic from too far. I know coz that's the prob I'm facing. :)

  6. I don't have a DSLR, and i can share your pains when trying to get good photos ><

    hey, your daughter is really awesome. Grats to her!

  7. Congratulations. Now it is time to celebrate.


  8. Congratulations to the scholars and their parents!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  9. Sobsss!!!! Sobssss!!!! Those are the moments to treasure, to cherish...

    AARON!!!!! Your mum wants a DSLR!!!! LOL!!!

  10. Precious moments to see your daughter receiving her awards. Congratulations!!!!....

  11. Congratulations to your daughter! Must be very touching seeing her that moment, hehe.

  12. congrats to her leh... :D
    so decided what to study? DONT DO MEDIC!!!! lol

  13. akulze: but my camera is very old already... hahaha...

    kathy: if in KL, can go often...

    lena: yes..same with us!

    ginny: thanks for the info.. will look into that..

    merryn: in no time, she will be leaving also..

    wenn: hehhe.. have to go, yeah!

  14. pam: proud.. hahaha.. and sad too.. :)

    slavemom: A small token only... RM30! :)

    isaac: thanks!

    filip: thanks!

    Cloudia: thanks to u too!

    stp: yeah, u should know better! Aaron??? hahaha..he wont read comments one..

    irene: thanks!!

    heyley: yeah.. touching indeed cos u know la...

    medic: surely wont do medic!! hahaha...

  15. Congratulations, Claire! Proud moments. You are blessed to have such a good daughter.


Thank you, readers!

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