Sunday, April 1, 2012

Investing In Property

During this semester holiday, Andy has been telling me about the high rise of property in the town where his college is.  The prices of property rise and soar like crazy especially those condominium and landed property.  In another two years or so, he will be finishing his studies and he will start working once he graduates.  He told me that once he starts working and have money, he will invest his money in property rather than putting them in the bank.  Gosh, how enterprising my son is!  If he has the opportunity, I am sure he will invest in foreign property too. 

Out of curiosity, I surfed for more infomation and I found this beautiful mansion built by an award winning developer famously known for their excellent reputation of designing and building super luxury homes in this site for miami condos.  Well, I must not dream so far ahead, I know but it can be a dream come true one day, never know, right?

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