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Madam Solo On Monday

My twenty over paid posts are finally published!  After more than a week doing all the "writing" and advertising for some keywords, I can now breathe a sigh of relief.... You know, humans like me are funny..   When I didn't get any paid posts to write about, I feel kind of feeling empty... you know, no money rolling in... something is missing...  But when I received so many at one-go (20 over) I was like.. "Gosh, how am I going to finish all those in one week?"  See, humans like me never stop ranting....

Yes, I am indeed thankful to have those posts to write on... the money does come in handy to buy some "extra stuff" for you-know-who.  At my age I don't need much material stuff, (I only craze for shoes!) .. other than that, what I need to buy is Capital V - Vitamins!  To keep me fit and healthy, I don't need to wear glamour clothing anymore instead I have to exercise even more... but never seem to find time to sweat it out!

Well, just one of my rantings on a Monday lunch time.. my buddies are on leave today, leaving me SOLO to stay back and blog.... hmmmm... it is one of those days that I am Lonely but Not Alone....


  1. If Vitamin B and C are water-soluble, and Vitamin A, D, E and K are fat-soluble, what about Vitamin 'M'?

  2. Vitamin M is for H-soluble... happy!!

  3. A very good Monday to you. Tomorrow is Labour Day, take a good rest after all the hard work.

  4. So all the money rolling in soon... Come, come to Sibu again!!!

  5. No, you have US !

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  6. It is okay to feel lonely once in a while as long as you know you are not alone. Now with the money rolling in, where are you taking me for dinner when I come to Ipoh? muahahaha

  7. Hang in there, almost time to 'fong kong'!

  8. 20?! Why you never pass some to me? lol.

  9. yay! nice.. its really a big relief eh :) :) .. now you must belanja me drinks! :P

  10. so sorry Claire..I should hv accompanied u..

  11. claire, pass some to me pls! haha

    which paid posts u doing babe?

  12. I am not those materialistic guy either..
    some of friends get a Tshirt for RM500...
    I think they could fly after wearing it...
    but i do eat a lot .. LOL...
    happy labour day...

  13. stp: got zero fare or not?? :)

    cloudia: that is nice to hear!

    hayley: yeah, time flies, right? :)

    kathy: tak han moe yeh choe ma.. .

    MG: i wish i could.. hehehe..

    isaac: drinks only? ooopss.. what kind of drinks???

    wenn: its alright, no worries.. i didnt book u earlier.. hahaha..

    kristie: i do payu2blog!

    simpleperson: yeah, i m not that type too.. i m very frugal.. ahemmmm...

  14. Always good to take vitamins. I guess getting the posts done is a load off your mind!

  15. No wonder if those paid posts, can go makan makan lah, happy for you,you know it is good to lavish yourself with the windfall,right?

  16. No wonder if those paid posts, can go makan makan lah, happy for you,you know it is good to lavish yourself with the windfall,right?

  17. ginny: yes, I must take more...

    eugene: treat ourselves once awhile, right?

  18. Oh, I used to do a lot of PayU2Blog posts too. Then, I got a little bored writing them and gave up. But I have to say they do come in droves or nothing at all at times.


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