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We Not Naughty In Jaya Jusco

It was an evening of relaxation, watching We Not Naughty in the cineplex at TGV Kinta City, Ipoh. My girl made a "date" with me two days ago, wanting to see this Singapore-made movie... actually I didn't ask her what sort of movie we were going to watch... I just agreed readily when she suggested going out on a Wednesday Ladies Night! (Tickets are sold cheaper for ladies only!)

Since we were half an hour early, we spent the time munching our "favourites" at the food court... 
My Sweet Potato and my girl's favourite roasted chestnuts...
Look at this... guess how much it cost!   
You won't believe it...
This Honey Sweet Potato from Japan cost RM6.00!!  ($2usd)
But we enjoyed it all the same... 
Ok, time for the movie...
Let's go!!
We Not Naughty....
Left us teary at some scenes...
And at certain times, laughter too!
Love this movie...
Very realistic and facts of life especially
in Malaysia and Singapore...


  1. Ayo claire.. I wish i have a girl can hve this girls nite out ler nxt time..

  2. Nice outing with your daughter! What's not to like?

  3. it's nice to go out for a movie once in a while.

  4. it's nice to go out for a movie once in a while.

  5. cath: not necessary a girl.. can be a boy :)

    gigi: yes, what's not to like.. :)

    wenn: it has been a long while.. .

  6. Naughty naughty girls....

  7. 2 thumbs up to the mom-daughter date!

    Rm6 for a sweet potato is expensive wor.

  8. Aiya... you should have told the sweet potato vendor that Wednesday is Ladies' Night so both of you should be given a discount on the sweet potato.

  9. Aiya... you should have told the sweet potato vendor that Wednesday is Ladies' Night so both of you should be given a discount on the sweet potato.

  10. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie, and had such a fun date with your daughter...she gets prettier all the time, takes after her mom!

  11. Oh gosh! So expensive!!! Better than our local sweet potatoes? Better than the dim sum ones in Sibu?

  12. Wa...nice bonding time...I envy leh and that potato costs RM6!!! expensive eh :p

  13. dont naughty.. haha.. the movie very interesting..

  14. yeah weyyy the movie very real! it reflects the society in malaysia... my parents are like that too. =(

  15. bean: *hmmpt**

    gratitude: i expected it to cost around RM3...

    pam: he will get into trouble if i did that.. he looks like a foreigner vendor. :)

    ginny: thank you! :)

    stp: this one is different.. honey sweet potato from Japan.. :)

    elin: shocked-ed price!

    nikel: yes, love the teacher!

    henry: which category? the poorer one or the "think positive" one? :)

  16. Heard it was a good show,highly recommended by my friends,,,

  17. I want to watch this too... see next weekend if I can fish my mum together.. :D

  18. This Jack Neo's movie is always very family oriented and talking about realistic life happening around us. I love his other movies too (I not stupid 1 & 2) and also Homerun.

    The 2 young boys grown up to be handsome men now !

  19. eugene: highly recommended for you!! oh bring your kids too! yes!

    cynthia: fish your boyfren too! :)

    mnhl: yeah, they are so good looking now..even the young boy in I Not Stupid 2 is so tall now.. looks like Lee Chong Wei.. hahaha..

  20. Gosh!! I really envy the relationship that you have with your family...such closeness and bonding.
    It's really very good of you to make such effort to have "date" with your daughter...
    Well, not a fan of Singaporean movies though but I'm pretty sure you enjoyed the movie, all the more with your daughter...

  21. I din't watch this movie, waiting for the DvD or the download version from the net, hehe.

  22. billy: surely u can to if you want to..

    hayley: hahaha... save cost@

    kathy: RM6... only! hahahaa..

  23. I really see you were enjoying it, the 3rd last photo shows happyness, great smile.


  24. lovely outing with mummy and daughter :-) Sweet potato is yummy, i like too!

  25. Wow! Japanese sweet potatoes? I love them.

  26. Mother-Daughter sweet! The sweet potato is big!

  27. filip: yeah, we enjoyed the movie too..

    rose: yes, me too.. lots of fibre!

    kitty: later will be girl/boy date... mummy gets kicked out.. hahaha...

    kristie: though expensive, but i love it!


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