Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Appreciation To My Home Tutor

When I think back of my kids' education from the age of primary till secondary, I ought to give my gratitude and appreciation to their tutors.  Indeed they were the ones who have groomed my kids from the very young age.  Generally parents with young kids do not send their kids to tuition centres, they prefer to teach their kids themselves, it is sort of spending quality time with them.  I agree too but knowing myself very well, I cannot, I repeat, I seriously cannot teach my kids at all.  My temper is not good when it comes to "teaching."
That is why I believe in home tutors especially when the kids are young.  It pays to have a home tutor, firstly, the kids will have special attention. My kids have a home tutor when they were in their primary school but when they were in secondary, I sent them to different tuition centres for specific subjects.  I was once an "unpaid driver" and thinking back, no regrets.. unpaid or not, it is all worth making an effort....

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