Tuesday, May 15, 2012

At Josephine's Place

My girl "dated" me last evening, we went for a dinner, just the two of us. She gave me three choices, told me to take my pick, her choices were David's Diner, Citrus and Josephine. "Josephine?"

The name sounded so familiar but I have not been there before so naturally I chose Josephine for our dinner date... the treat was on her... how sweet! For "once" I don't have to dig out my purse.. lol...

Upon entering to Josephine's Bistro, my first impression was on the decoration and the soothing effects.... comfortable sofas, wooden tables, soft, gentle male singer lingering in the background.... all at once, I love the relaxing ambience.... 
kind of homely surrounding ....
see, I am so much at home there... 
that makes me want to hug her...
amazed by the "wine cellar"
the comfortable sofa..
for couples, I would strongly recommend this place...  
I tried Josephine's chicken special....
I give 2 THUMBS UP!
my girl's favourite, Carbonara spaghetti... 
now you see it, now you don't...
our dessert.. Tiramisu..
real quality taste!
All I can say is... 
I will surely visit Josephine once again.....

Josephine Cafe Bistro,
Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah,
Ipoh Garden South


  1. Both dishes look yummy and not to forget,the cake also look good.

  2. live in ipoh so long time never go try before. Because I heard a lot of bad comment for it.

  3. mery: yes, they taste good to me....

    nicchang: oh, so far, i didnt hear any bad comments, just compliments.. and i want to go and try others one day..

  4. LOL.. ur girl loves pasta alot, huh? I see she always order pasta wan. :D

  5. Was this for a Mother's Day gift? She is a very good daughter, this is one of the prettiest places you have shown us!

  6. carbonara...i love it when its rich and creamy with the pasta el dente.

  7. The wine bar and the dessert look great.


  8. Looks very nice, the place. Reminds me of Payung. The food not the same genre, of course. So sweet of your girl to give you a treat, lucky mum.

  9. So so so creamy, looked scary to me.

  10. Romantic ambience and delicious food. What about the price, Claire?

  11. I hv been there just once..maybe just 2 person would be nice

  12. The place looks nice leh! Very romantic also!

  13. you have done such a good job of being a Mum!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  14. Food looks great. So sweet of your girl to give you a special treat. You deserve it, Claire for being a great mum.

  15. cleff: yes, she should go stay in Italy.. hahaa..

    ginny: thank you!

    missy: too creamy for my taste..

    filip: tasted great too!

    stp: after working for 3 months.. hahaa...

    pam: she loves it.. not me..

    yan: ours cost RM30 each..

    wenn: too many is costly, right?

    simpleperson: yes..old Parkson Ria..

    hayley: yes.. nice ambience..

    cloudia: thanks!

    irene: they are good kids.. :)

  16. haha..your captions are so funny. You both seem very close. It's nice to see a good mother and daughter relationship.

  17. i've not been there too but was told that their decors are nice and gives a very cosy ambience.

  18. carolyn: I didnt post up the pictures when one is angry with the other... hahaha...

    lena: next time we can have our bloggers meet up there!!


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