Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Batik Cake From My Lovely Colleagues

I have real nice colleagues... we can get along very well in the office... though we differ in age, in culture, in race, nevertheless we share one common interest..... YES!!  WE LOVE TO EAT!  (who doesn't! hahhaaaa....)

One afternoon when I came back from lunch, I could smell something very nice coming out from the pantry..... lo and behold... I saw this!! 
wow.... they made this during lunch!
Presenting... Batik Cake...
I think it is called like that... hahahaa....
Ready to eat....
there it goes..... doesn't it look like Batik? 
rich with chocs and cocoa...
Ok, Big Thanks to our Chef....
He was the one who "triggered" this off....
Ever since he brought two different cakes in two days,
the girls couldn't resist not trying them out....
hmmm... I think I also must learn how to do this for my kids!!


  1. Omigosh so awesome. reminds me of my highschool day when we do pot luck for celebration and yes someone MUST bring kek batik :D

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  2. daniel: they taste good, don't they? I must learn how to do it...

  3. sheoh yan have made this, i'm sure you also can.

  4. fuyooohhhh that looks yummy! i've tried this kinda cake few times and i love it but so susah wanna find at bakery shop..

  5. aiyo.. looks so sinful! My waist kembang just looking at the pics! :D

  6. Batik cake...does that mean it has both the chocolate and vanilla swirled in it? I have not heard the term before. We would call this marble cake if it is chocolate and vanilla. Looks good!

  7. Takes two hands to clap - you're just a friendly and nice lady so they cannot help but be the same in return. Nice cake! Nothing beats home or own-cooked...

  8. Ya, kek batik is an all time fav...make one with your daughter. Pretty easy.

  9. wow.. how nice is your office.. how I wish my office can have so much laughter...

  10. wenn: i still havent got the recipe yet :)

    lena: for amateur like me? :)

    bella: no need to bake one.. just cook and chill..

    merryn: oh gosh.. imagine i have eaten then!

    ginny: it is easy to do too.. i must learn up first then i tell you..

    stp: yeah and easy to do too.. but i have yet to see them doing it... hahaha..

    cyn: too much work makes us dull.. hahaha...

  11. The person who made this for you is a guy ah! Thumbs up for him. This is the simple cake and required only a few ingredients, I am sure you can do this.

  12. nice to have nice colleagues..:) i'm sure always got makan session.

  13. Yan: yes, he started this last week and since then we ladies are smitten.. hahaa..

    carolyn: yes, office is like our second home..

  14. Wah, can make cake in the office somemore. Sounds like a fun and great place to work :)

  15. I love kek batik! I love everything sweet, hah!

    And it's quite easy to make, will finish within minutes because everyone loves it :)

  16. adrine: sometimes we can when there is not so much workload and it is lunch time...

    yvonne: me too, i m a dessert maniac!


Thank you, readers!

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