Thursday, May 10, 2012

Penang Matriculation College And Sungai Petani

My girl attended another interview in Penang, this time it is from JPA for engineering courses overseas. This will be the last she had to attend.... after that, no more, she doesn't want to go anymore... me too... I am also tired..
The direction to Kepala Batas..
our ex PM constituency...
Some road signs are clamped together...
I am very poor in directions, I google-d about the location, how to go to Kepala Batas from the Penang son taught me to go about it... but I ended up more confused... haahahhaaa... Anyway, after some enquiries here and there, we managed to reach the Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang in time for the interview....
Matriculation College in Penang
the place where the interview took place...
there is a special room for the parents to wait...

Since we were quite near to Sungai Petani, we took a drive there .....
Village Mall in Sungai Petani...

After the interview, we proceeded to Penang  island....


  1. Penang Island is a lot more fun! XD

  2. Hey! You did not call Melissa when In SP kah? Haiyor!!! Everytime I went back Penang from SP, you would pass by that kolej matrikulasi one....before reaching the bridge.

  3. good luck and keep the finger cross.....
    Well at least can go jalan jalan cari makan..

  4. i just noticed that you captured a very nice photo of the sky on the entrance to the college photo.

  5. All the best to Fernie, she will do well and you have brought her up well as well.

    have a great weekend and don't forget to do what you do best, jalan jalan cari makan ya

  6. Good luck to your girl. Hope she will be accepted.

  7. Good Luck & All the best to Fernie.

  8. Good luck to your girl. Ah, I remember Village Mall. Was there last year when my daughter was in Aimst. KG

  9. Good luck to your daughter ya! may she get it, and no more interviews! :) .. how was penang? awesome place right? :P


Thank you, readers!

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