Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Star Scholarship Interview In Kuala Lumpur

Took leave to take my girl to Kuala Lumpur.  Both of us left for the train station around 7.30am to catch the ETS to Kuala Lumpur Central.  The interview was held at 2pm in the afternoon....
Morning ticket is expensive.... one seat cost RM45.00
Came with free bun and hot drink....
Upon reaching KL central, it was only around 10.30am 
and since there was ample time left, 
we took a cab from the station to Mid Valley...
first time venturing out to KL alone with my girl....
let her relax first before going for the interview...
after window shopping for an hour, 
we landed ourselves here....
The Chilli!
a picture to remember... 
we ordered Firecracket fish... or something like that.... 
we shared it out...
plus an enormous dessert...
Should I "wallop" it all???

After our so-called lunch in Chili, we took a cab to the college for the 2pm interview.  I was quite blur, I didn't know that there are executive cabs outside Mid Valley, both of us just climbed into the first cab waiting there.  The cab driver was nice and honest... he told us that his is an executive cab (it was not a limousine) and the charges will be a bit higher...  I ended up paying RM16 for a 10-15 minutes drive... not too bad actually...

tomorrow's post - interview... 

Flying Chillies


  1. Wonderful t know that your daughter was called for an interview! Excited to know how's the outcome. On top of the interview, I'm sure it's always wonderful to be out to spend time with her :D

  2. mary: it is like a day outing for both of us..

    wenn: thanks!

  3. Sounded so familiar. I remembered taking the train to KL for an interview too. Not for a scholarship but a job. I went alone.

  4. We have a restaurant chain here that is very similar, it even looks like this, it is called Chili's. The fish looks very spicy, and the name must mean it is.

  5. The dessert looks attractive.


  6. Good luck to your girl, hope she gets it. good - still can go window shopping and eat - if my girl, don't dream. And probably the father also, can't sleep some more. LOL!!!

  7. Wah!!! Chilli's!!! Nice, Mexican cuisine...a bit expensive.

  8. wow so good! go interview also got mum accompany! anyway all the best to her! =D

  9. Wishing your girl the best of luck? How long does it take before they inform you are successful or not? The waiting game more stressful than the interview rite? Haha. And glad to had a chance to have lunch in KL. Do come over more. So convenient mah via train.

  10. Oh! Forgot to tell you I was in Ipoh over the long weekend. Had crab tanghoon :D

  11. Best of luck for the interview.

  12. Yes the cab fare was quite reasonable la..

    Good luck to your girl!

  13. Hope her interview went on smoothly. Leave the rest to God.

  14. Thanks to all of you...

  15. All the best to your daughter. I hope she gets it. You look so cool with that sling bag. ;)

  16. Nice outing to KL! Good idea to take train.. at least can do day trip without feeling too tired :) Good luck to your daughter!!

  17. Nice outing to KL! Good idea to take train.. at least can do day trip without feeling too tired :) Good luck to your daughter!!

  18. hahhaha...the dessert is so tempting. I am sure u cant resist to it.

  19. Yeah, the dessert was really tempting but we didnt manage to finish the whole thing... a little bit left.. the food portions are known to be big here, right?


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