Monday, May 14, 2012

We Were At Carnarvon And Kimberley Street, Penang

The next morning we went to Carnarvon Street, wanting to buy those fresh oven-baked mini egg tarts... but since they were not ready yet, we walked along Kimberley Street to try the famous road side koay teow th'ng, not only they were nice, they were a bit overpriced too... I was startled... 
Andy with his appetizer.... 
two crispy fresh "cheen dul"
or should I say Sesame Balls?
they cost 80sen each... worth every bite...
then came the food... stewed chicken drumstick...
some dumplings.. "wan ton"
small plate of greens...
three bowls of koay teow th'ng
can you guess how much this cost?
I was pretty cool at first... ahemmm..
and when I heard that the price was RM29.00 for these, 
I was like "huh?" So expensive?
I thought I heard wrong.. cos I am no good in hokkien..
But it was really RM29...
A bit overpriced but then... 
they tasted good.. so..
I guess I shouldn't complain...

Happy Mother's Day!

Kuay Teow Th’ng


  1. but mahal lah wei. though good oso no need to be so expensive wan right?
    I love sesame balls.

    P/S: Happy Mother's Day to you Claire :)

  2. Sesame all time fav dim sum.

    Happy Mother's Day,Claire!

  3. lau hau sui lor ngor :)

    Happy MOther's Day :)

  4. This is the best looking food I have seen on your blog, I want to eat every bit of it!

  5. maybe is tourist price.. ?
    pg food is famous of "cheap price" but qty is very less.....

  6. merryn: Happy Mother's Day to you too! :)

    yeeling: same to you too! and I love sesame balls too!

    kathy: Happy Happy Mother's Day!

    ginny: do come to Malaysia! hahaa..

    simpleperson: what do u think of the price.. nice or not?

  7. All the food shows is rm29? Ok la.. Not bad.. :)

  8. Super exp but good, nvm. If they tasted horrible, then really heartache. :) Happy Mother's Day to u too, Claire!

  9. That is why I keep telling you. Come to Sibu - cheap and nice. Perhaps even nicer...a lot!

  10. P.S.
    Let me go and check out the sesame balls here...see how much and nice or not.

  11. Wishing you a happy Mother's Day, Claire.

  12. Wow, so expensive, cut throat, daylight robbery. Food looks biasa saje. Nothing special.

  13. Please don't come to Penang so often,otherwise our hawker prices go up up and away lah,, hahahah just joking, anyway,seriously speaking Penang can no longer boast it self as good and cheap hawker haven anymore,, sigh

    but no worries as for me,I can still sniff the good and cheap ones

  14. I would say the food looks good.but bit pricey...however if taste good,then worthy la.

  15. cathy: not too bad as long as the food is nice!

    slavemom: yeah... it overcome the price..

    stp: u want to lure us again? :)

    wenn: esp when they are fresh!!

    pam: thank you very much...

    irene: but they taste good.. so ok lar..

    eugene: dont be so like that la.. made me so guilty.. haiyah.. ok, come ipoh, i belanja u makan!!

    mery: yeah, quality counts..


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