Saturday, June 9, 2012

Euro 2012 Is "Happening" In Ipoh Parade!

Yesterday I made a blunder, I accidentally put in a pair of new blue jeans and ended up causing a big "havoc" on my girl's clothing.  Three of her favourite tee-shirts was invaded, her white, green and blue t-shirts have lots of blue patches on them... sigh... what a waste!

After our brunch this morning, we went to Ipoh Parade, have to "replace" back the ones which couldn't be worn anymore outside anymore.  It has been some time since we went to Ipoh Parade... there was certainly something on happening there....
small kids...all on the floor except for this toddler here..
a colouring contest going on....
oh..what are these?
hey.. who are they????

I am no-football fan but I know something is on...
"let me see... do you think I can catch one ball?"
I definitely CAN!!
Now I can be a famous Goalkeeper!! 


  1. No need to feel bad, just buy her more new clothes, newer ones, more expensive and fashionable ones. I'm sure she will be happy to get her blouses stained again in future.

  2. Lol..... Some more only 2 fingers.....
    U r very potential....

  3. pam: today she bought two BG... they can be worn in college..

    simpleperson: dont play play.. hehehe...

  4. It happens to me last time. I stained my girl's white blouse, somemore the one she adores most. So have to get a new one for her. A thousand apologies to her. Not on purpose.

  5. Hahaha Euro 2012 is really quite happening this year... the balloons dude looke like monkey with boobs haha....

    Latest in room8five: Parents, Please Do Talk Politics with Your Children

  6. So bought a lot? Spent a fortune?


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