Monday, June 4, 2012

Here We Are At Tranchell Street, Menglembu

After the laksa, our high tea meal in Gunong Rapat, we made a drive to the west of Ipoh, that is the Menglembu. Another part of Ipoh, going to the coastal way, we had our dinner in Tranchell Street, Menglembu.

It has been a long while since we had been there especially in the evening. I am not too familiar with the roads in that part of the town but I think it is quite easy to locate the "wai sik" street. (Food Street)
the most busy moments in the evening..
Tranchell Street, Menglembu..
they have mixed porridge (chu chap)
kueh kak to describe this...
rice flour fried with eggs, bean sprouts... etc...
this is the best I have tasted so far...
mini-sized wan ton noodles..
my nephew took 3 plates to satisfy his hunger....
RM1.20 per plate
they have sweet desserts too... RM1 per bowl...(30cents usd)
fish balls at 20sen for only RM3 ($1usd)
"our cramped food"
one word of advice... 
please choose a bigger table if there are more than 4 person..
one bowl of wanton noodles only cost RM2.40 
this is the stall...
unfortunately Honey Chicken shop was closed yesterday
heard this is good too!
along the street, they have dim sum for sale...
curry noodles, hor hee and a few other stalls which 
we have yet to try...
till next week.....

Tranchell Street, Menglembu..


  1. That' my favourite wonton mee during my younger days. Now a bit lazy to drive from Bercham to Mengelmbu for supper.

  2. i wont mind having 2 or 3 servings of the kuey kak.. yum!

  3. I want the zhu zhap porridge!

  4. pam: me too..but now every weekend, i have to pass by Menglembu.. :)

    chris: lobak koe? :)

    isaac: that one is really nice.. next time u try...

    junfook: Menglembu..Menglembu.. hahaha...

  5. the fish balls area really cheap, just 20 cents per ball! i guess one day i wil hv to chk out the food there too!

  6. Sooooooo cheap lah the food compare to Penang. Must go and try one day.

  7. lena: the fish, one mouthful only.. hahaha...

    jessie: yeah.. try and let me know..

  8. Kueh kak!!!! Yum! Yum! Mengelembu groundnuts - the most famous thing from there.

  9. Wahhhh!!! Long time I haven't had kueh kak! Carrot cake is my husband's favourite food but dunno where to find good carrot cake in KL!

  10. stp: come , come to IPOH! lol...

    MG: pasar malam-s dont have? over here, it is quite common to find them in the night markets..

  11. Love the kueh kak and sweet potatoes desserts. I think in Kuching we kueh kak as "char kueh", correct me if I am wrong.

  12. Wah! You really know how to 'jalan-jalan, cari makan'!

  13. irene: yes, in cantonese is char kueh.. in hokkien, it is kueh kak.. :)

    carolyn: ipoh is a small town.. either it is here or there.. hahaa.

  14. The dish here looks awesome! its been awhile since i ate chu chap... and that sweet potatoes dessert... oh man... craving xD

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  15. Where is Menglembu Fah Sang? (groundnuts) hhehehhehe

  16. daniel: one bowl RM1 only.. :)

    yeeling: that fah sang all over in ipoh.. hahaha..

  17. Rm1.20cheap la even if mini. here mana can find. Aiyo..u made me wanna eat Kari mi now. hungry


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