Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Biggest Fan, Pete ...

This post is about this BOY who is now my Big Blogger Fan.... ever since he was featured not too long ago, he has become "addicted" to my blog... ahem.... hahahhaa.... he reads it without fail each day.  Each time he sees me, he will give comment to what I have written the day before...

Though he has reached 13, he is still a child at heart. He is adorable, he is cute, he is fun to be with, he makes us laugh... he is my mother's pet but he still gets his "spankings" every now and then from my mum... spankings with love, I used to say because each spank from her is like a Prick to her heart.
I name him Pete, Pete...
 Pete...kidding around
smallest in our family but biggest when it comes to size..
 Pete... spoiling my picture...
Pete ... after 3 plates of wanton noodles... 
Pete... being "mobbed"
Pete... being "harassed"
Pete... "taking precaution"
 Pete... having fun with grandma....
Pete... looking filial...
Pete and Grandma...BFF.....



  1. so fun to have a cute boy at home who's a huge fan of your blog :)

  2. mandy: his task is to make us laugh.. hahaha...

    yingying: at least still got one in the house to brighten up.. and to get stress... hahahaa..

  3. I m sure everyone likes Pete..
    So u all got cubit his face? So chubby....
    3 places of wan tan mee? Is it the menglembu wan tan mee?
    If yes then I could take 4 places... Not I m a big eater but the size is really small....

  4. Oh he looks like a very fun boy to be with! But wah, eat so much? 3 plates of wan ton noodles?! : D

  5. Haha, he is the apple of the family now..All can bully him. Let me see, what can we bless him the next round!

  6. Can you send him to me now? London is freezing cold. Hugging my teddy is not good enough to keep my body warm.

  7. Gosh!!! He's bigger than you all now!!! How fast he's growing!!! Amazing... Ya, teach him to post comments and tell him to visit my blog too. Hehehehehe!!!!

  8. Cute boy and yes he has a big size and quite tall too. Haha puberty mah of course can eat more. I horrible when saw my youngest's bowl of rice. Not small rice bowl but big ramen bowl haha.

  9. Only 13 years old. So big size. He is your nephew, rite? Look at him, so humourous and happy go lucky. So when he is around, nobody will feel bored.

  10. 3 plates of wanton mee? I cant even finish ONE! -.-


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