Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rosabelle Or Rosalie, She Is A Cutie...

As I was walking pass a few houses away from my own, I heard someone calling me "Claire...." I turned around, it was my "newly-found" neighbour. We have been staying near to each other for more than a decade but we never greet or talk to each other.... hahaa..... that shows we really MYOB lifestyle! (mind your own business) ..

Then lately out of nowhere (cannot remember when), we started to greet each other and from then on, whenever we see each other in the evening, we talk and talk like old friends... why like that one ah?  The only reason I can think of is that maybe she is retired now and I am more free to walk around, we finally open our mouths and catch up being as "neighbours" at last....

She is pet lover and the way she pampers her three Big rabbits really amuse me.... Good to have someone who loves animals staying near me... perhaps I can ask her to feed my Giant when I go on vacation... hahaaa....

Here are some pictures of her "Rosebelle" or "Rosalie".....hahaha....
from afar, you would have thought this is a toy....
her eyes are enormous!
she quickly got up when I approached her...
very cautious of what I am doing...
 "hey, what are you doing, auntie?"
Just look at her!!  Enormous for a rabbit... so cuddly... 
She and my Giant dog can make a pair!


  1. Awwww so cute.

    Blog Update:

  2. Be careful when taking your dog to the rabbit, it might maul it, even though your dog might be just only playing with the rabbit.

  3. so cute..once I had two rabbits and they really ate non-stop..

  4. Hehe...aunts Claire soon getting rabbits instead of dogs.

  5. An over-nourished rabbit... what to do, carrots are cheap and abundant. lol

  6. kash: my neighbour offered me one.. but i dont have time for to rear one more...

    durianland: yes!!

    wenn: i also have one last time.. Barney..

    chris: nice to see and play..

    pam: oh, she feeds the rabbit nutrition food only.. no carrots.. :)

  7. What a cute bunny!

  8. I wonder how Labbie would react to these big rabbits? We all need good neighbors and I am glad the two of you are friendly now. It is really good to have a neighbor to get your mail and keep an eye on the house when you are away.

  9. Very cute, please take good care of it.


  10. OMg, come, come... auntie give u a hug! Ur sooooo sooo cute! =D

  11. Kash... Labbie is a very, very friendly dog...when I brought my cat for a visit... Labbie was afraid of my cat. =.= I doubt that Labbie will harm the rabbit... in fact, Labbie might be really scared of it. =.=

  12. So cute...and to think that people would go and eat it! Cholesterol-free, they say. So kesian...

  13. wa, this rabbit looks 'prosperous'! i think ought to play with labbie more and get some exercise!

  14. So beautiful but I am afraid I won't keep them as pets.I am scare of furry animals, hehehe.

  15. My 8 years old, one day told me want to rear a puppy, one day told me want to rear a rabbit, and another told me want to rear a hamster. Wait till she has made up her mind. This rabbit is very cute.

  16. Mmm...nice to cook curry rabbit :p...just joking. Have a great weekend :)


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