Monday, June 11, 2012

She Is A Real Japanese Fan!

I mentioned in my Facebook yesterday that I have to get used to eating Japanese food at least once a week. Not that I wanted to but it is kind of an "obligation" to... lol... Parents, you all know what I mean by that, right?

Yes, it is my girl's favourite food of all times... she always prefer Japanese food more than our own Chinese food, I wonder why... if you give me a choice, I always opt for the latter 100%!

Maybe when I was "young" like her, there was no Japanese food sold at all... so I grew up eating Chinese food only... even western food was rare those days and those were for the "rich" and "classy" people...

Nowadays we have so many choices.... korean, japanese, vietnamese, thailand...  you name it, you got them!  :)
our friend enjoying the food from the east....
part of the sushi we ordered...
waiting for the smoked salmon to pass by....
 After our sushi meal, we adjourned upstairs to the food court
to get one of this Japanese Sweet Potato ...
Yes, Japanese food again... this yellow thing cost RM5.30!!
No joke about that....
Well... what can I say...
As long as our kids enjoy what they eat...
it is all that matters... right?

Come to think of it, 
I never "admired" any Japanese actors 
during my pregnancy....
How come ... how come...


  1. STP: No prices? How much altogether? I took Melissa and my missus to a Japanese restaurant the other day too - you'll see it in my blog tomorrow

  2. STP, Both of us ate and the price came to RM35 or so... 8 plates only.. :)

  3. I fancy Japanese food too but I always feel the pinch when it comes to footing the bill, not cheap leh...

  4. ya, you are right. We did not have so much varieties during our time. our kids are so lucky hor...

  5. I always tell my mum...
    Chicken rice is cheaper compare to potato...
    The world had change the rich eat the potatoes n the poor eat chicken rice...... Kakaka

  6. pam: i agree with you 100%..ordering time, we just have to poke here and there.. hahaha...

    chinnee: those days, our parents also couldnt afford to take us out to eat regularly...

    simpleperson: my mum used to tell me that too.. sweet potato is a substitute for rice.. but now they are so costly!

  7. so this is a very Japanese day for you huh?? haha, all the sushi and sushi and sushi.. your girl likes sushi so much meh?? haha.. i don't really like sushi lah, and especially the Sushi King~~ ooops!! @_@"

  8. Haha, fernie! She always love that. Its the only food, she can eat a lot..

  9. maybe one day she will also marry a japanese man..hehe

  10. majority of kids love japanese food..

  11. I do not care mush for Japanese food either. I could not eat raw fish! But your girl must have a really sophisticated palette!

  12. sk: you are in my gang then.. hahaa..

    B: you know better.. so next time feed her with those food only... :)

    lena: yeah..never know.. hahaa..

    wenn: not our generation... :)

    ginny: you can say that again...

  13. I am also not a fan of Japanese or Korean food but my kids would love it. I just wonder why.

  14. I like japanese food too..but not those raw one.

  15. Pls bring her to KL.. I found a good place to eat Japanese buffet with good quality and price!! We can go chop down all we want!! I am a fan too!

  16. mery: i have to learn how to eat those... raw stuff.. :)

    cyn: gosh.. she would be delighted to know this!

  17. Hey Claire, look at it this way. It is much healthier food than Malaysian food! If she continues to eat Japanese, she will live long-long!!!

  18. local japanese food are nice, but sushi king is not the best out there :)

  19. Liking Japanese food is an acquired taste. I didn't really fancy Japanese food when I first tasted them about 20 years ago, esp. raw sashimi. Now, it is my favorite food!

  20. mamapumpkin: then i better start liking these food.. hahaha..

    ken: for me, sushi king is fine with me :) never tasted much of others.. :)

    shireen: so it takes a long time to start liking it then? hehehe...

  21. I love Japanese food and my girls too. Nothing to do with liking Japanese actor or not during pregnancy. Japanese food is nice, that is the reason.


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