Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Lovely Gift

Once in awhile, it is a good gesture to buy a gift for someone you love, the happiness shown on the receiver's face will brighten up your day!  Gosh, what am I talking about?  Alright, I thought of getting some gifts for mom and the most appropriate gift for her in this website is a digital photo frame.  I think my mom will like this.  With the digital photo frame, she does not have to keep flipping the photo albums anymore, all she has to do is just a few clicks away!  Isn't that great?


  1. I usually do this gesture to my husband. I will buy him little things and it always made him smile.

  2. haha thats cool and a nice idea
    i wonder if ill get to receive any gift today which is my birthday

  3. analou: so nice of you!!

    mecoy: i m sure you do.. nice guys get presents all the time .. hahaha..


Thank you, readers!

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