Sunday, July 15, 2012

At Embassy K-Box With Blog Singers!

The night was still very "young" after our meet-up dinner in Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant.  It was around 8.30pm... and we were just warming up, we couldn't call it a night yet, could we?  :))

So... what other better program than to go "kala-ok-ing?"  Yes, that was what we all agree!  A Karaoke session with the Rock Singers... I mean Blog Singers!  :))
 Our next program... in Embassy K-Box!
(don't play-play... k-box are for aunties too!!)
My first time here... actually....
in Kinta City vicinity...
 Ok, need to MARK my first time here....
The Blog Singers! 
our friend QuayPo started the ball rolling
by rendering a Chinese Love Song... 
 the two jugs that made me "hangover"
the very next morning!
Everyone had a good time voicing out.... 
Songs from Abba, Olivia, Francis Yip, Theresa Teng, George Lam..
Don't look at me.. look at the background..
It reminded me of my office...
I must make a comment here...
Ka-la-ok should be the time to de-stress
not to remind us of work!!
the lead and the back-up singers...
Shanghai Bund....
One for the album before we called it a night after midnight!
The next morning, someone suffered a hangover...
while another had a changed voice, similarly to Anita Mui!

 ^( '‿' )^


  1. You drank??? And you drove??? Bad bad mama!!! Must be spanked...kuat-kuat!!! LOL!!!

  2. Wow, sing your hearts out. Really have a great time with your bloggers friends. Thumbs Up!!!!!!!

  3. This is the first time I saw you sing without your guitar around. ALl of you must have had a great time singing and laughing in the room. It's good to share common interests with the others.

  4. awesome outing!

    should drink more, it helps with the hangovers. muahahahaha.

  5. I cannot karaoke, because my sense of rhythm is bad. Glad you had a good time, Claire. BTW, I commented on your previous post about hotels in Hawaii. Take a look. Hope to see you one of these days.

  6. stp: Wrongly accused!! Innocent.. innocent....

    irene: yeah..til our voice croaked the next morning.. :))

    pam: guess we were the most pioneer customers that night! hahaha...

    medie: TEA!!

    gigi: thanks! hahahaa... it was for a paid review actually..

  7. Whoa!!! Claire, who is that old women with a big backside??? hahahahaha....It was an absolutely fun night Aunty Lucy had with you guys singing and dancing. Aunties Power, don't play, play!! hahaha

  8. yeah, i remember you talking about the pictures on the wall the moment we entered the room..haha..they want to tell you dont forget to go to work after kalaok-ing. now i suddenly remember the wong fei hung funny!

  9. hahaha omigosh! you all sure know how to have fun! *respect*

    i sort of dislike karaoke cause i cant really sing xD but dont mind the hangover at all :P

    Latest in room8five: Golden Road to London - Dato' Lee Chong Wei

  10. Now,that's a good fun to be out and sing sing sing with blog singers,hhahah, I guess STP must have got very jelos already lol,,,

  11. QP: what old lady??? I dont see any old ladies that night.. we were like Dancing Queens!! hahahaa...

    lena: yes!! I love singing the "woooo"... and the "haaaaa" ... that song sung by George Lam but that night, it sounded like Anita Mui! hebat!!

    daniel: i agree with u, if u dont like to sing, it is no fun.. :))

    eugene: he is now checking the cheap flight out to KL soonest!!! hahaa...

  12. Wow..girls night out. So happening & fun.

  13. Wonderful gathering, it's so nice to hang out and sing with bunch of friends.

  14. ling: nice to hear that.. "girls just wanna have fun... "

    vicky: yes.. to de-stress!

  15. fuyoh!! really very sporting bloggers!! dinner, karaoke "jik lok" for the night!! hmmm, so who was the best singer among the gang that night?? :D

  16. No wonder it's been raining cats n dogs over here past few days! :P

    Just kidding. It's so great that you all meet up and sing your lungs out!

  17. sk: All of us are!! hahahaa...

    merryn: no wonder I was coughing the next day!! by the way, it is raining dogs and cats now....wonder who is singing!

  18. actually i dont know who are the guest bloggers except for Elin and Qp.u didnt share their blog url le.

  19. rachel: yeah.. cos i didnt ask their permission to put up urls.. only asked for photos put up.. :)

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