Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big Eat Small Equals Good

Call it a coincidence..... I was blog-hopping when I came upon this blog putting up some "kampong" durians sold at a very low price but with good quality... Then I commented something like this...".... gosh... feel like eating some now..."

Just when I reached home, my friend came... she passed me a small plastic bag and inside it, there was this "kampong" durian!
Just look at this....isn't is small???  hahahaaa....
I was thinking...
"hey, didn't I say I wanted to eat one this afternoon?"
 Not only me... he also wants a share... oh..oh.....
a small durian but inside six to seven seeds!!
I took 2 and the rest went to this Big Fan of mine...
His Big Grin says it all.....

Moral of the story : I will go to more FOOD BLOGS...
Maybe what I see is what I get.... 


  1. Although I lived in Thailand for almost a year, I don't think I ever tasted a durian.

  2. eh two weeks ago i went and bought these la..small small ones from pasar malam. At first didnt wanna buy coz see so small. Then the Malay man very pandai do business. Gv me one free to taste. Eat jor wah....sure wor...bitter. much nicer than the big ones. He said these small coz the tree are old but the fruit taste is very "kao". End up buying rm20 ...14 biji from him...some more so nice as to open put into tupperware for me. all very nice and taste kao kao one..some more gave me one more biji free

  3. Aw durian..so tempted to buy last week, but wifey said body heaty so end up walking away :(

  4. gigi: Thailand durians are very much different from here...

    kathy: yes..those orang asli durians are much nicer...

    andrew: she is very right.. dont eat so much..one day can take 2 or 3 seeds!! :)

  5. not baddd! kecil kecil but banyak isi! :D

  6. LOL! If only it's so good, I also want to visit more food blogs!! : )

  7. henry: yeah... but i would prefer the seeds to have more flesh..

    foong: coincidence but true..

  8. hahaha... durian is not my cup of tea...

  9. Haha mum, since its so small, send it over here..I am drooling while looking at them...Happy pitt!

  10. one of the fruits i miss in pinas-...yummy!

  11. Haha! I love durian! Your kampung tiny durian reminds me of my daughter......small but full of substance!

  12. Should boycott those "branded" durians, make the prices drop. The more people buying, the more the prices go up... I tried one sometime ago - was good...but I think I prefer our local authentic durians - the good ones...and also the orange-yellow ones - the pakon that you tried when in Sibu.

  13. Yes, agree with Arthur, still prefer our local durians. This one looks equally good. Yum!!! Yum!!!

  14. TZ: heaty or the smell?

    B: can see how much he loves it!! hahaha..

    wenn: First Gdn a lot now?

    redruby: wonder how a durian taste is in PH...

    mamapumpkin: dont underestimate small people.. hahaha...

    stp: the orangey type? that is pakun? at least can "smuggle" in the hotel cos no strong smell... :)

    irene: local and wild durians are the orginals...

  15. Lol... Ur durian chili padi looks good...
    Have 6 seed.. Mine only max abt 2 seed

  16. haha so what food or cuisine you looking at now?? I prefer durian kampung, small, thin shell but big isi.

  17. still have one biji at home..Yet to open. tonite must kao tim it.LOL!!

  18. hmmm, be it big or small also none of my business lah.. because i don't eat durians one lor, hahahaha~~ :D

  19. sk: smelly..right?

    ling: now i feel like eating too!

    simpleperson: yours merah.. mine normal colour.. hahaa..

    vicky: bitter and chemical free! :)

  20. It's cute.. feel like eating durians hahahahaha... xD


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