Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Well Deserved Holiday

There will be a three weeks holiday for Andy at the end of this month.  However at this time he is now "struggling" to prepare for his exam papers and at the same time, he still dropped me hints that he wanted to go somewhere nice during his three weeks semester break.  Well, as an avid traveler myself, I am also looking forward for a relaxing holiday away from the bustling traffic and working pressure.  What do you suggest?

I have only two options in my mind right now.  One suggestion is to drive a 500km from our hometown to the south to visit my son and my relatives.  Another option is to check out some cruises for the family, yes, my family and that includes my kids, my mother and my siblings!  Surely the latter choice looks much better, right!  In fact we have been discussing about going for a few days off, cruising along the deep blue seas, away from the busy life on land for once!  From what I read about cruises is that these cruises have professional staff to take care of the passengers' needs and that includes children as well.  The adults will get to enjoy what they love and the kids will also be occupied with entertainment throughout the day.  Wow...that sounds great, right?  In this way, both adults and kids will have a wonderful time.... Well, I am seriously thinking about booking a cruise, I have never been to one and an experience with a luxurious cruise is something I want to look forward to............

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  1. Cruising can be dreamlike. . .

    Wishing YOU Aloha, from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
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