Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baskin Robbins Free Ice Cream In KL, Penang, Ipoh...

Oh yeah! Tonight is the Free Baskin Robbins giveaway, right?

To celebrate and to commemorate our Malaysian Olympic Finalist Badminton Player, Dato' Lee Chong Wei for his stunning and stirring game,  Baskin Robbins is giving away a One Scoop free ice cream in most of the outlets in Malaysia....

Too bad I have forgotten all about it untill I saw some pictures in Facebook just now... Quickly I asked Andy whether he wanted the free ice cream or not... AEON or Kinta City, Let's Go! 

No response was needed, he gave me a "are-you-kidding-me" look!  LOL... 

Well, if I were still young, why not?? I might join in the crowd with my group of friends and queued up for fun.... yeah, it sounds like great fun, right? No aching bones and tiring legs... why not! After all, Baskin Robbins is not always giving out free ice cream... LOL....
Baskin Robbins Time Square
courtesy picture taken from Tony Teh
Queensbay Mall
courtesy picture taken from WS
 and this is none other IPOH Kinta City
Baskin Robbins is nowhere to be seen from this picture
but I heard that the queue is very long....
from BR till the Food Court....
Hope they have enough supplies for the Big Crowd!!

Big Thank You to the sponsors 
for celebrating Lee Chong Wei's Victory! 

(so... did anyone of you manage to get the free scoop?)


  1. Today Baskin Robbins for sure no profit from sales,lol.

  2. Well, it is sort of a Promotion for them... advertisement... so it is a win-win situation.. hahaha...

  3. What a long queue...I'm sitting at home surfing internet...haha

  4. Queue half dead for a scoop? No, thank you. The mob at Kayu that day also just as bad. Saw in papers.

  5. andrew: same same here! hahaha..

    stp: not so much for the scoop, I think.. it is fun for the youngsters... big gathering there.. hahaha...

  6. No way I wont queue such a long one. Dont want to end up having no ice cream at all.

  7. that's nice but I wouldn't want to queue up for that..

  8. im sure to be first in line if that would happen here haha

  9. I dislike queues! So won't queue up even if it's free. Besides it's only a scoop right? Must be mad to queue up just for a scoop! I rather pay LOL!

  10. But at first I thought BR is offering ONLY if we win a gold medal? How come they break their own promise? LOL!

  11. haha, the picture I took was just half of the queue at 7pm. i wonder how long it actually became lol. Hantu Gangster review

  12. yay . free ice cream free ice cream... thanks LCW

  13. omg. that's like. *rolls eyes* seriously lor. gosh. i'm ... *speechless*

    as in, not long queue speechless... but the amount of ppl wasting their time queuing for that ONE single scoop. *fiant*

  14. Claire..i think I am too old for this la..hahahahah

  15. Claire, I have the same thinking like u. Join in the fun. But too bad, S;ban dun have Baskin outlets. As for hubby, definitely he won't join. He will say I'm 'sam pat' haha

  16. I heard it from the radio. But we do not have baskin in KK...

  17. agnes: even if you do have, u might not go.. hahaha..

    mnhl: yeah, i think only youngsters will go for it.. :)

    yeeling: and u r not even 30!! :)

    medie: for the fun of it ma.. .

    simpleperson: ding ding ding!!

    tony: the ipoh one too.. my son said U turn picture.. hahaha..

    foong: to make people happy ma.. mostly for the young..

    mecoy: cos you are young! haaha..

    wenn: u and i wont.. :)

    jessie: sure disappointed hor..

  18. I will pay for the ice-cream on other days, I don't like the queue.


Thank you, readers!

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