Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ghetto Justice 2 Final Episodes

I am "chasing" after Ghetto Justice 2 now... Grow to love this HK series after feeling disappointed with Witness Insecurity a couple of weeks ago... At least it brings some cheerfulness after a hard day's work in the office...
Never really liked Kevin Cheng last time but after watching this show, I feel he is not a bad actor... he portrays a different character in this series... very mischievous and looking cool at the same time.. at least his expressions are there unlike Bosco.... 
 Ok, will not write too much... 
Don't know happy or sad ending...
Now watching from 11pm to 12.30am!
Hope it is not abrupt as Witness Insecurity.... 


  1. Home and Away is my favorite soap!

  2. Zzzzzzz....!!! Dunno if my missus is watching this one, maybe she is...she watches all of them. LOL!!!

  3. just recently a series that i've been following ended,well the ending was kinda no so great but just the way i want it to be

  4. kash: hahaha..your own director!

    simpleperson: yesterday tai kitt kook! :)

    stp: dont zzzzz... u can watch this with subtitles!

    mecoy: i dont like sad endings.. it leaves some disappointment in my heart.... :)

  5. Own director?, it's drama from Australia..try youtube ''Home and Away'',it's quite interesting.

  6. Ooohh....ended edy. Ok now I can go watch.

  7. I like the ending.. finally able to finish catching it last night...


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