Sunday, August 19, 2012

In LCCT And Pan Heong Batu Caves

We reached LCCT around 11.40am and we had our light lunch at the Kopithiam to while away the time till 12.30pm...

poor Andy... he must be very tired
after driving for a few hours .... 
After our light lunch, we went to the arrival hall... wait for AA's flight to land...
the arrival hall where passengers come out... 
The plane was very punctual... AA arrived..
and as planned, we drove to Pan Heong in Batu Caves
for our "special lunch"....
All smiles while waiting for our meal....
we ordered porridge with fish and century egg...
crispy fried fish paste in beancurd skin...
the special koay teow (flat noodles) in egg gravy...
fried meehoon with stewed meat... 
steamed "croak" meat...
fried "lam yue" chicken wings...

We were "super full" when all the above had disappeared...
Feeling fully satisfied and contented, we paid the bill...
Total came to around RM90.00
Fair enough?

Restaurant Bubur Goreng


  1. the chicken wings look least they were satisfying.

  2. Your BP ok after eating all that?lol

  3. WK: not bad hor..

    wenn: never fails ...

    kash: hahaha..i forgotten about that!

  4. Heard a lot about Pan Heong but Batu Caves is a bit too far from my brother's place. If I go to Genting Highlands next time, may be can drop by for some food.

  5. Pam, yes, you must try this one day.. :)

  6. ketuk Andy's head....i see the photo i also yawn pulak...lOL

  7. Eyewwwwwww!!!!! Frog!!!

    Wahhh!!! They have seats at LCCT now kah? Last time, had to sit on the floor. Only a few in a special corner for elderly and disabled people and those also full - occupied by mentally disabled young people.

  8. Ahhhh!!! Wan tan hor!!! Wait for my version of it! I cooked that the other day - will blog about that soon.

  9. wow, all the way from Taiping to Pan Heong!! hmmm, have not been there for quite some time already.. few times i also ordered the same thing..

    porridge with fish and century egg... checked

    crispy fried fish paste in beancurd skin... checked

    fried meehoon with stewed meat... checked

    fried "lam yue" chicken wings... checked

    RM90, quite OK ah, at least you all were super full mah~~ :D

  10. Can i have the chicken wings!!!! T.T

  11. The chicken wings look gooooooooood! haha.. u so bad lah, ppl yawn oso u put up the pics! :P

  12. Yawn!!!..I saw a fly flying into Andy mouth, hehehe. All looks yummy and a big NO!! No!!!! to the steam "croak" meat.

  13. Wow, I wanna try the chix wings! So crispy!

  14. that fried chicks looks really good


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