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Sunday, August 5, 2012

My London Trip Once Upon A Time

Olympics in London reminds me of my very first trip to this beautiful place which took place in the year 1984!  Wow!!  Coming to think of it, what a long way back... it is going to be three decades soon.  *LOL*

That was my first trip overseas trip, I remember going there via SIA flight, it was a really long flight. (Remember vomiting upon arrival in Heathrow airport! LOL)  From there, we stayed around two weeks before my family and I adjourned to Edinburgh, Scotland.  During those days, I did not have computers to upload my pictures, such a waste, because when I looked back into my photo album, most of the color prints have faded as shown below...
 My 1984 trip to London

Given an opportunity now, I would love to travel to Europe, there are so many places I would love to visit and one of them on my list is Spain.  I have heard so much about Spain, seen much too but only on television.  *LOL*


  1. wah
    go go go. i m planning to go next year. hehe

  2. Wow!!! So long ago. I was there in 1994...and that was a long time ago too.

  3. Commiserations to LCW, he played well but .....

  4. medie: going to further yr studies?

    stp: yeah, me older than u ma.. hahaa...

    kash: yeah, i know that..

  5. its fun to look old pictires huh it reminds us of how fun it used to be back then

  6. I lovvveeee London and anything English! That's why the kids were named after English royalties... hehehehehehe. Trafalgar square pigeons are movie star birds!


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