Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Singaporean Friend

"Dug" up my pictures folder a moment ago and these caught me eyes... My son really loves to joke around.. these were taken in Singapore few years ago... We went there to attend a wedding dinner, courtesy invitation by a Singaporean friend whom we have lost touch for some time now....
Did he get drunk that night?  Gulp..... gulp....
I think that time he was still "underaged" to drink...
My Singaporean friend who extended this invitation to us...
Hope he is doing well...


  1. In the bottle is coca cola is it LOL

  2. Your son? Drinking like a fish??? Hmmmm...must spank, spank!!! LOL!!!

  3. wah ....
    ppl say blow the trumpet..
    keng chow..

  4. I'm sure you wouldn't allow him to drink at that age..

  5. WAH...y u let ur son drink alone. u should join him HAHAHAHA

  6. Sure he gulp the whole bottle like that or just pose for you to take photo.

  7. Haha... can see the bottle cap still intact.


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