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Relief For Heel Pain

All those hours of walking and shopping during my vacation, my feet began to show their tiredness especially the heel.  Though I was wearing some soft padded shoes, my right side heel still ached, I couldn't imagine what my feet would feel if I wore something else.  My sister and I went for a feet massage but it was only a temporary relief.  To treat heel pain, I found out that we need to seek out this website for more information.

Jack In The Box In Nevada

On the very third day morning in Las Vegas, we set out for a day trip to Hoover Dam in Nevada and Lake Havasu in Arizona.  It was another long drive for us and I want to compliment my BIL for taking over the wheel throughout the long drive... he is really fantastic! Before we set out, we dropped by at this fast food outlet... Jack In The Box...   Jack In The Box (but I don't see any box nor Jack... )   I had this for my breakfast..  waffle pancake with beef and cheese!! how many calories??   shhhhh.....   BIL brought us these from the convenience store next door...   Gosh... so so sweet!!!  I couldn't even finish one of them! After our breakfast and filling up fuel.... it was back on the road again....a long straight stretch of road... BIL drove endlessly.. he is really good actually... no complaints of tiredness.. while the rest of us either dozed off  or eating junk food in the car.. Along the way, he would tell us the "hi

Agriculture Land

Along the freeway, I passed by many green fields and I was told that Sacramento is one of the largest agriculture land in California.  I could see acres and acres of land covered with corn and grapes among others.  The land must be very fertile for farming purposes and I could see herds of cows and horses grazing in the fields.  I am sure this kerrits website will come in handy for horse lovers...

Tahiti Mai Tai Make Me High...

The weather in Las Vegas is very hot, I have never experienced such heat but then it is dry, I didn't sweat at all but I could feel my skin like being "burn".. so sunblock lotion is an very important item.. never leave home without it... I kept applying the cream on my arms and try to cover my face as much as I could... not surprising if more pigmentation appearing on my face now that I am home... No wonder my BIL didn't want to join us during that afternoon to the strip... instead he invited us to go to Tahiti Lounge for a "Mai Tai".... I looked at him with a "questionably look" but followed all the same....   he took us to Tahiti lounge... and ordered ... "Mai Tai Cocktail" Mai Tai translates from Tahitian means "Out of this World."  A glass consists of rum, lime juice, orange, orgeat syrup...    nice dining lounge...   but I prefer to sit here and joined in the crowd...    he ordered some spicy chick

Mirage And Trump Hotel In Las Vegas

From New York New York, the shuttle bus took us to Mirage Hotel... another amazing place I was told that I must visit... in fact all the enormous hotels along the strip are worth going into... when it is nightfall, some hotels display spectacular and colorful sights for the public to behold... The Mirage... On the way to the Mirage, there are awesome sights to admire...  something "golden" caught my eyes... wow.. so Donald Trump has his own hotel here in Vegas too! according to my sister, the hotel rates are not expensive...  there are so many of them....  love their landscaping...  inside the Mirage lobby.... we spent half hour at the Mirage much to see...  at the lounge showing the "Beatles" at the Secret Garden inside the hotel... I heard from my sister that there is a "volcano eruption" at the entrance of hotel... but too bad I didn't manage to watch it... After the half hour tour with my

New York At The Strip

After a good night rest, I was awakened by the smell of bacon and eggs! Many thanks to my BIL for preparing american breakfast for the whole family.... how blessed we are!  busy preparing... he doesn't want anyone to "disturb" him...  that is fine with me.. LOL... My first time with bagel and bacon! After our breakfast, we didn't want to waste time and  off we went to New York, New York along the strip...   New York! New York! Sexy, Fun and.... Acrobatic... we were contemplating.. which to watch...  in the end, we chose neither of these...   and we walked around... in awe... reminded me of Gentings indoor theme park...  tired... rested awhile in front of the dobi shop... ooopss.. toilet also didn't escape from my camera.... clean and nice...   soon it is time to satisfy our stomach... and these sirloin beef caught my eye... really looks good!   eventually I settled for a fresh oven pizza!   while s

A Soothing Remedy In Tiger Balm

Years ago, the elderly would be the ones with complaints about aches and fatigue, but times have now changed, and even my friends in the early twenties are telling me that they’ve been experiencing muscular aches even though they haven’t been doing anything strenuous lately. The truth is, a lot of us don’t realize the damage our chosen lifestyles are exerting on our health and bodies. We sit in office chairs that may not be conducive to good posture, or we spend hours bent over our laptops just to finish some work. The cumulative effect of this could be severely debilitating and cause much discomfort in the long run. Thankfully, Tiger Balm, which should be a household name many of us grew up with came up with their Neck and Shoulder Rub, perfect for working professionals and active athletes alike! This is the first and only product that is specially formulated to provide relief for your neck and shoulder aches and tension. It’s exceptionally great for busy professionals becau

Freeman Square A Happening Place In Las Vegas

What happens in Las Vegas stays here! This is what I heard about Las Vegas, even the t-shirts say so.. LOL.. After our check-in, it was almost evening when we drove around the Strip in Las Vegas and the first destination we set our feet upon was the Freeman Street.... this is a MUST stop for all first timers, it seems.. sort of a Happening place here in Freeman Street... with brightly lit colours everywhere... though it is a weekday, it was still crowded... Shops selling all kinds of stuff..  now coming to think of it, I regret not buying some stuff here.. perhaps my next trip I will....  :)  dare-devils swinging above the heights... No wonder so many people here..  it is a Happening place.. and great breakdancing on the ground... "aliens" taking strolls.. Everything intrigues me... Gosh.. I look like those Fresh From The Boat.... hahaha... Real singer performing some rock songs... and in the midst of it all, I ne