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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Freeman Square A Happening Place In Las Vegas

What happens in Las Vegas stays here! This is what I heard about Las Vegas, even the t-shirts say so.. LOL..

After our check-in, it was almost evening when we drove around the Strip in Las Vegas and the first destination we set our feet upon was the Freeman Street.... this is a MUST stop for all first timers, it seems..
sort of a Happening place here in Freeman Street...
with brightly lit colours everywhere...
though it is a weekday, it was still crowded...
Shops selling all kinds of stuff.. 
now coming to think of it, I regret not buying some stuff here..
perhaps my next trip I will....  :)
 dare-devils swinging above the heights...
No wonder so many people here.. 
it is a Happening place..
and great breakdancing on the ground...
"aliens" taking strolls..
Everything intrigues me...
Gosh.. I look like those Fresh From The Boat.... hahaha...
Real singer performing some rock songs...
and in the midst of it all, I nearly got "murdered" in public!
I didn't even have time to close my mouth....


  1. How I wish I was there...

  2. No karaoke? You should have jumped on stage and sung a song or two. LOL!!!

  3. pam: u will be one day! :)

    stp: oh gosh and get thrown out? :)

  4. Did u visit the casinos and bet yr money on the table?

  5. It's really busy place, people are out and about, so much entertainment and happenings there..

  6. Very nice light effects.


  7. I would be intrigued and am so suaku~~ :p

  8. lol what happen in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas? No wonder it is the best place for bachelor party! =p

  9. jessie: visited the tables but no bets! :)

    agnes: yes.. lots of happenings!

    wenn: yes!

    filip: have you been there before?

    yvonne: hahaha..that is me!!

    henry: u can say that again!

  10. I would love to visit Vegas. I have heard that you can literally spend an entire day there without seeing the sun and you have no idea what time of day it is. Weird! It is a must see place!!

  11. kathy: lost $2usd on the slot machine! hahaha...

  12. catherine: i think it is quite correct.. u can spend the whole day in the hotel lobby only!! :)


Thank you, readers!