Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baker Gateway To Death Valley

After breakfast in Auntie Annie's, we started our journey again for another stretch of four hours... from the green mountains below.... to the bare mountains in the desert....
along the way I took a few pictures of the mountains...
very hot weather... dry but not humid....
so kept applying sunblock...
after some hours, we reached the desert...
I was amazed by the "bald" look...
The mountains doesn't look real... at all...
soon we reached this town..
Baker Gateway To Death Valley?
What a name...
Famous for the world's largest thermometer..
we stopped by here to have a "Bite" at Big Boy burgers...
Oh Gosh..I don't want to see any more burgers
when I am back in Malaysia!


  1. No photo of the burgers? Their patties there soooo nice. Fresh own-made patties - not like McD's or other places here...not nice at all.

  2. yes..lots of buns in European countries..we surely miss our malaysian food..

  3. I guess it's the surrounding features that gave rise to it name - Death Valley.

  4. curious to see how big is their many kg weight have you gain so far? heee:D

  5. We have been to Death Valey but didn't see this.


  6. creepy name for a pretty cool place

  7. hmmm interesting place?
    so no more burger when you are back in Malaysia huh..

  8. What a scary name? And you so eager to eat the burger and forget to snap a photo of it.


  9. Wah Claire, still holidaying there?
    So nice.....

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  11. yeah, the mountain photo looks like a painting to me..but still it's a beauty!

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