Monday, September 17, 2012

El Pollo Loco

 Along the freeway there are many outlets selling fast food, the common ones are Mcdonalds, Denny, In N Out, Panda Express (chinese fast food) , Taco Bell (Mexican), Burger King..... but one I love so far is this El Pollo Loco... whatever that means...
El Pollo Loco
My sister told me that I must try these succulent grilled chicken drumsticks!
The skin are almost grilled till they are oil-less...
Can be ordered with or without side orders....
They are eaten with side-kicks...Salsa and the green looking sauce... 
I kept refilling the Salsa!  Best to be eaten with the grilled chicken!
They are cheap too.. less than $10usd (don't convert)
I feel they are much better than Kenny Rogers which surprisingly were not seen at all over here..
I also notice that there are too many fast food outlets, 
seems like they are everywhere......
like what we have in Malaysia but only that ours are hawker stalls...
Which is healthier... fast food or hawker stalls?  :)


  1. Hawker stalls are better because the food would be fresh, but hygiene????

  2. I see that you are enjoying yrself in US.

    And yes, for a huge serving of food that you had is way too cheap of USD10. It kinda reminds me of Kenny Rogers though.

    But Kenny Rogers, serving quite small though. ;)

    Hmmmmmm, sometimes, I yearn for fast food. Eating too much hawker food can be sian, also.

  3. Not adventurous about fast food outlets like Kenny Rogers, McD, Burger King, etc but these grilled chicken drumstick looks great.Love the cripsy skin.

  4. Wow...those succulent grilled chicken drumsticks looks damn JUICY! From the skin, I could already tell how tender they are *drooling*.

  5. Just notice you're having a good time oversea!
    Erm, I would say hawker food is healthier....

  6. RM10 for that? Waiyorrrrr!!!! So cheap lah! Looks soooo nice! I love Mexican!!! Yum! Yum! Here...cannot eat Mexican with that kind of money lah...and mana tau, ciplak one...bluff we people here only. Yours there sure original, authentic... Worth it, definitely worth it!!!

  7. My daughter loves Taco Bell. Mexican fast food - they have an outlet in Singapore.

  8. woaahhh next time must bring me and caroline go!!!

  9. aiks..just realized not in malaysia.. T3T

  10. i love roasted chicken even more than the common fried chicken

  11. I love grilled chicken. It looks scrumptious. My mouth's watering just by looking at the photo. I don't care which is much healthier. As long as its edible that's good for me.
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  12. Panda Express, i know that. I search from the google knowing that they have over 500 outlets in US. Proud with our Chinese food.

  13. Home cooked food is healthier :DDDD, But food from the fast food chains and hawkers are tastier, there is a saying goes like this.."tasty food are mostly not healthy". *sigh*


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