Sunday, September 2, 2012


I don't know why but it is rather surprising that I woke up pretty early each morning during my three nights stay in Palace Hotel... The only reason I could think of is that perhaps I slept very early each night, around 10pm, maybe due to the exhaustion of too much walking during the day!

Well, I think it is healthier to sleep early and wake up feeling fresh, right!  Guess the early nights is due to the lack of FREE wifi in the room... otherwise I am sure I will be staying up busy clicking my computer till the wee hours in the morning! 

Since I woke up early (around 7.30am or so), I had a nice relaxing cooling breakfast sitting at the sidewalk at the same shop along the hotel called the LA BOULANGE de MARKET....
LA Boulange de Market
Sitting at the sidewalk enjoying the cool weather is blissful....
Enjoying the quiche and fruit salad.... with a hot cup of latte....
First morning....
Second morning...

plus some fruits in fresh yogurt...
Hot cup of Latte...
While enjoying the scenery before me....
Wish I could just retire and enjoy each day watching the cars go by... 


  1. Awwwwww....the quiche!!! comment from me. Ask Quay Po and see what she says. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. stp, since I went back for two days, it must be pretty good, eh.. :)

  3. Claire, I know it must be good. That is why you having it for 2 consecutive mornings. Love the Latte

  4. wah must be very syok lo. cuci mata over there is it? kekeke

  5. So happy....I love the life there a lot..

  6. So nice to see u enjoying ur mornings this way Claire :)

  7. wow..that's nice! Enjoying your breakfast with peace of mind..

  8. This is what you called HOLIDAY, forget about work and house is one of enjoyable moments in life..

  9. Do enjoy your holiday to the max!

  10. Haha can see you enjoying the cool weather. The quiche....mine looks better eh;p we all miss you la.... Wei you got miss us anot. Monday got raya party .... eat eat eat no mid to work for the coming week ;). enjoy yourself
    ya and take care :)

  11. it would be amazing to start a day with that breakfast

  12. it would be amazing to start a day with that breakfast


Thank you, readers!

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