Thursday, September 13, 2012

Michael Jackson, You Are A Legend!

I have a secret to disclose.....
Believe it or Not!
 this picture says it all.... 
Michael and I...

I went to watch his concert and I have taken a picture with him ... it was really fantastic!  
I guess this is a priceless photo... 
I remember writing in one post that we "grew up"together.. 
His concert is one of a kind... 
It is worth paying every cent to watch him perform...
His songs and his moves.... they are really something!
Something that you will remember for a long long time...
He is a legend!


  1. You dont scare me may! this is Hungry Ghost Month leh haha. Wow cool..

  2. this real? I only able to take a picture with his wax figure at madame tussauds HK.

  3. STP: No, I didnt visit Neverland.. hahahaa...

    cyn: nice? :)

    yeeling: wow too! love this pic!!

    bananaz: hahaa... i thought 8th month already???

    andrew: surely not wax figure.. see his hand around my shoulder? hehhe...

  4. He was the man who had my fist kiss. I kissed him at the lips. I had a poster of him hanging on my wall in my younger days.

  5. LOL at Bananaz comment

    Ya lot now still 7th month la

  6. Who is she with him. I don't know him.Nice things, Thanks for share it.

  7. Congrats, Claire! I love that photo. Jackson performed here in Hawaii many years ago, and I wish I had attended his concert.

  8. omigosh you are a legend! you took picture with him before! woohoo!!!

    I love his songs but sadly never had any chance to catch any of his concert =/

  9. wow...Yan! that is cool... hahaha...

    kathy: yeah ke? i thought 8th month already!

    andrew: where are u from? :)

    daniel: i will tell u more later.. hahaha..

  10. I saw his wax self at madam tussauds London and took a picture with him too. Where is this place?

  11. You took pic with his lookalike is it ;) I am crazy over him too. When he came to KL I watch him History concert two days in a row. Crazy I know ha ha I still love him!

  12. Wow! Bet u can't sleep that nite. Hahaha! Nice pix!

  13. OMG! Just a little unbelievable, but you definitely a lucky fella. A very nice and memorable pix. So make sure you do keep it in the safe box. :)

    Have a nice weekend.

  14. Nice pix. Looks real, hehehe

  15. Dun scare me, it's MJ in wax right? haha But it do look very real at first glance.

  16. oh a first i thought its a wax figure haha

  17. oh a first i thought its a wax figure haha

  18. He is not wax!! Real live person! hahaha


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