Friday, September 7, 2012

Vietnamese Food In Sacramento

Back in Sacramento the very next morning, my sister took us to try the Vietnamese food near her place, she told us that we must not miss taking that! LOL...
The weather in Sacramento is very nice...
not as hot in Malaysia and not as cold as in San Francisco...
and sunny all the way....
I am all SET for any asian food... GOSH!!
it was quite crowded....
I think most are Vietnamese locals there...
Just look what I got!
When I saw the desserts on display, I bought these to try...
something like our Malaysian Ang-ku with yellow beans fillings...
then my sis ordered these for us...
one big bowl each!
it came with a bowl of vietnamese salad.. :)
followed by a vietnamese bun with stuffed meat fillings...
A MUST try bun...crispy and nice!
No wonder the Viets have slim bodies...
they eat a lot of raw vegetables...
Healthy Food!
This outlet is Huong Lan Sandwiches
630 65th street, STE 109


  1. Is the noodles Pho? I love pho!!!

  2. =.= why eat these? Mana all the American food? Aiyorrr...

  3. Ya...agree with Cleff...and Isaac also commented that in the last post. Go all the way there to eat the tings we can get here...or in the original countries next door. Should go all American while you are there - the REAL thing, not the ciplak ones we have here...

  4. Wow~ lots of food on the table. But, yes, I was wondering where's all the BURGER and STEAK?


  5. nice have you tried any foods from that certain place i mean do they have a signature food or something?

  6. You really miss Malaysian food kah? No western food for you over there? 1st time see Ang ku with transparent skin.

  7. Yes I love Vietnamese cuisine too, very green and healthy serving lots of raw veggies.

  8. I love Vietnamese food too. The pho, bun and dessert are all very nice.

  9. I like Vietnamese noodles. Their soup is nice, but why don't you indulge yourself with the American food around?

  10. me too..waiting for the all American meal LOL!

  11. vietnamese kuih? wished i could taste some!

  12. I have yet to try any vietnamese food. :D

  13. But the bun does look appetizing. :D

  14. hahaha... American? Yeah, we didnt have that..cos my sister loves asian do we!!!

  15. Looks nice, but I only see food articles of the San Francisco area.



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