Monday, October 15, 2012

BIG SURPRISE From SIBU And Kuala Lumpur!

At around 6pm, I heard my "dog bell" ringing furiously, she was barking non-stop and I quickly went to check who was at my gate... It was drizzling and I vaguely saw a man holding a parcel and calling Claire.. Claire... Saw the Poslaju van brought a pang of excitement... Poslaju van means something good is going to come, right? LOL....

To my Big Surprise, the sender is none other than the Icon from Sibu...
Big Present sent by Pos Laju...
Can you see the Name?  Don't play play... Arthur Wee leh...
& Sambal Laksa for Elin!
YES!  All the way flown from Sibu itself.... Wow.....
Not to worry, Arthur, only the "top part" are in smaller pieces..
The "lower part" are still intact...
on the same Evening itself, I got a few "hand letters" (presents) from....
A blogger family came all the way from Kuala Lumpur bringing this "friend" above along..
Well, can you make a guess who came to IPOH?  
Hint... something that "meowwwws"
Ok, that one will be in another post!


  1. R u going to cook tonite? All the ingredients are here? Latest post on Kashmir Cafe @ SS3 Kelana Jaya

  2. lol...WAH Poslaju so hard working ah ...6.30pm still sned

  3. Waiyor...shy lah! People gave you lobster!!! Mine so cheap one...want to mention some more. Blush! Blush! Of course, I know who gave that to you - likes to eat fish one, right?

  4. Wow, not bad, all the way from Sibu. You are another truly blessed.

  5. wow.... so blessed!! Remember when u buy dinner,include me hor. tell me 1 week in advance. :)

  6. You have Laksa Sarawak paste? Jealous! :P

    My hometown is Bintulu in Sarawak. Sarawak Laksa is my staple food. :D

  7. And you're Martin & Grace Bates' daughter-in-law, Joyce Rachel? They're my good friends...all the way in Terengganu. Wah!!!

    1. OMG! What a small world!!!!! Then you know their eldest son - my hubby then! :D

      I have to follow your blog. :)

      By the way, where are you based at now? KL or Terengganu?

      Great meeting you. Thanks Claire for your comment box. :)

  8. june: not yet.. save the best for later!! :)

    kathy: yeah, so hardworking nasib baik,. otherwise I have to collect from the office..leceh then!

    stp: presents received are still presents no matter how much they cost! they are presents all the same.. keep them coming.. hahahaa...

    irene: yes,,yes.. I am...thanks to them.. :)

    chris: aiyah..u talk only la!

    joyce: thanks for coming by! nice to know you... i never been to Bintulu yet.. :)

    stp: hey, what a small world!! :)

  9. I miss kampua too! I wan my mum post me kampua too ><''

  10. Awesome! Reminds me my last time handling live lobsters. Hahaha!

  11. jac: just go home more often!! :)

    shirley: oh handle them? I only know how to eat.. :)

  12. Eeehhh, I did not know that you can sent food stuff via Poslaju.

    Arthur really makes your day, Claire. :)

  13. Eeehhh, I did not know that you can sent food stuff via Poslaju.

    Arthur really makes your day, Claire. :)

  14. I was trying to figure out what the green thingy's looks like an army's a lobster pula.. never knew can sent seafood via Poslaju.!

  15. wow, so good lah, this Arthur sent you Kampua Noodles!! fuyoh, impressive!! and i heard the noodles cost him RM5 but the cost for poslaju is RM15~~

    and that Kathy, OMG, he is giving away free lobsters to bloggers?? really orang kaya lah~~

  16. Joyce Rachel:
    I'm from Sibu, Sarawak, retired...and happily enjoying my golden years in this little ol' town.

    We used to meet at least once a year in KL for our annual meetings - around November/December time and we would be busy right through Christmas. So glad I do not have to do all that work now. Hehehehehe!!!!

    I'm afraid I don't know any of the children...but I did see photos of your wedding though! Very nice, awesome!

    Yes, yes! Do drop by my blog. Thanks, Claire...tumpang chit-chat a bit here.

  17. Sexy Jessie:
    Non-perishabales, can send by poslaju. But raya, they will curi-curi send the raya kuihs and cakes,even.

    The lobster...delivered personally lah! That one, how to send by poslaju. Will go bad.

    SK: the sambal laksa, altogether kira-kira, not too bad also...compared to the price of the lobster. Hehehehehe!!!

  18. STP, yup yup, just subscribed to your blog! Hehe.

  19. thats really a lot hmm i just wonder wht was that green thing over there

  20. thats really a lot hmm i just wonder wht was that green thing over there

  21. joyce: no problem.. feel free to comment here.. same to you too, STP! welcome..welcome.. :)

    mecoy: like some Giant species, right?

    sk: Arthur knows I like kampua noodles ma.. so what do you like?.. quickly hint hint to him! lol..

    merryn: My dog is my door bell.. very effective one!

    jessie: yes.. they made my day.. one evening two surprises!

  22. wah post laju food, luckily only top part break into smaller pieces only. The lobster is big too.

  23. Ring, ring,ring,,so i rushed to the door, saw the Poslaju van, happy already,,tang tang tang,,, the postman passed me a parcel but ,,,,,,,,,,you got Summon ,,hahahhahahaah.

    Just kidding,I am sure it must have been a very good feeling,knowing we have got good friends,,

    God bless the senders and the receivers as well

  24. wah kucing start giving lobster? not tikus meh?

  25. vicky: top part cos maybe there might be other stuff on top of it...

    eugene: yes..we are blessed with nice bloggers including you too!

    SP: kucing likes tikus... so cannot give one.. hahaha..

  26. wah...kampua noodles all the way from Sibu.....

    And that lobster....woww...all the way form KL. hahaha


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