Monday, October 8, 2012

Dinner At Chin's Szechuan Restaurant In San Diego

After checking into our resort apartment, it was almost time for dinner.... and I was most excited and happy when I heard that we were going for Szechuan food instead of western food!  Phew... that is really good news to me ...not that I don't like to take burgers and stuff but because I am a rice lover... I must have rice at least once a day or once a week if it is not too much to ask... LOL...

One of my sister's friend is working in this Szechuan restaurant called Chin's and she recommended  their signature dishes under the dimly lit candle light dinner...
At Chin's restaurant
exterior area...
the interior for larger group... candlelight dinner.. 
All the dishes are cooked in Szechuan style...

Szechuan soup....
very appetizing....
fried dumplings...
Szechuan pork ribs...
spicy intestines... sweet sourish...
beancurd with fungus... (tau kun)
stir fried chicken...spicy too!
only this greens is not....
Szechuan style noodles? :)
BIL taught me something new here...
before we use the disposable chopsticks, 
we should "scratch" the two chopsticks against one another..
something like "making a fire" with 2 sticks..
Purpose is to get rid of the "extra wood"" ...
you get what I mean?  Seriously?


  1. Szechuan cuisine supposed to be spicy mah!!! Oooo...that pork dish looks like to die for... *salivating*

  2. wah, everything spicy, i think i can only have the soup and the vege only, hahaha!!

    sometimes i also "scratch" the disposable chopsticks one woh, it's quite common right??

  3. Came across a statement made by a food connoisseur that Malaysian food is spicier than Szechuan food. If that's true, I think we can stomach those hot hot stuff as much as we can.

  4. I used to eat Szechuan cuisine when I lived in New York City back in the 1970s, but not anymore. Too spicy! Food looks good, though.

  5. stp: i love their soup... sourish and appetizing!

    sk: oh, i never scratch them before i do... hahaa..

    pam: i m not a spicy lover.. dip dip can... :)

    gigi: yes.. they are famous for spicy-ness...

  6. I can't really take spicy food but those food really look good..

  7. yes, or we roll them together between our palms to get rid of loose splinters-

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Have a sweet week
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  8. too plenty delicious foods if I were there I wont know what to eat first

  9. yes, over here also got do that...coz sometimes got wood sticking out mah

  10. yummy food... I don't mind the spicy food, but not the 'ma lat' kind of spicy that numb the taste bud.. :D

  11. Gosh!!!..all szechuan dishes. Love the szechuan soup. Sounds like a typical chinese, must have rice.

  12. Oh, scratch the disposable chopsticks together? I've been using them for so long and never learned this trick, haha!

    This Chin's Restaurant looks like any western restaurant. Candle light dinner for Chinese cuisine? Special~~

  13. Candlelight dinner in group, very "romantic". keke
    Oh yes I do scratch those disposable wooden chopsticks, you really can get rid lots of tiny hairy wood on it.

  14. hub will love these szechuan food but not me....even a bowl of curry mee also I feel like crying..LOL!!

  15. I love spicy food...the pork ribs are awesome!


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