Saturday, October 27, 2012

From San Francisco To Taipei and Malaysia

My twenty seven days vacation to California has finally come to an end.  And here I am at the airport in San Francisco after checking in all my luggage.  When I arrived in San Francisco, I had only one luggage to check in and one hand luggage with me.  However after the vacation, I had two "overweight" luggage, one hand luggage weighing 7 kilograms and one tote bag!  At the airport last minute, I had to take out some of my stuff to my sibling's luggage.  Gosh!!  I better control my shopping next time!
What a relief after checking in all the luggage...
San Franciso airport during midnight....
While waiting for the plane, 
I walked around with my mother and took some pictures..
Quiet and serene....
The flight departed at around 1.35am...
and we reached Taipei the next mornin (15 hours difference)
around 6 in the morning...
Upon reaching Taipei airport, we went for the famous beef noodles...
Too bad I forgotten to take some pictures of the food...
Taipei was bustling with passengers, nowadays almost everyone can take vacations.  There are always cheap holidays on promotion,  we just have to check out the websites concerned.  Anyway as for me, after this long vacation and spending in US, I will "sit down quietly" for some time before I start to plan again for another vacation.  The money spent was certainly worth it, I feel so refreshed and contented... it is one of my dreams to go to California and I will look forward to going for another vacation if I have the time, the money and the stamina.... LOL...

Coming back to the flight, we reached Kuala Lumpur International Airport around 2pm and without taking any rest, I drove back to Ipoh with my mom.  Come to think of it, I spent the whole day on the flight and land journey... 12 hours from SF to Taipei, then transit another 5 hours flight to KL airport and then journey back to Ipoh by car another 2-3 hours.... Thank God I didn't feel any jet lag along the two hours drive home!  Phewww....


  1. still can go for holiday..some cuti cuti malaysia packages are quite affordable. 27 days is a long holiday, I wish for one as well.

  2. I wish I could have such long holidays too..

  3. How long did the flight take from San Francisco to Taipei?

  4. How long did the flight take from San Francisco to Taipei?

  5. Most important thing is you had so much fun with family and friends...and you do deserve a really good and long break. Where too next year? I tag along, can?

  6. Aiyor...Americans also so poor at spelling kah? : "Please reamind...."!!! Tsk! Tsk!

  7. The airport certainly looks very very nice though...

  8. You were still able to drive from KL to Ipoh after such a long and tiring journey? Salute*

  9. agnes: i also hope for one more!

    wenn: sure you can one day!

    teck: 12 hours exactly! :)

    stp: dare not think yet cos pockets are empty now! :) I don't know who is responsible for the wrong spelling.. :)

    pam: i also wonder about that now! hahaha...

  10. Worth the money spend as long as you enjoyed yourself and the great company with your family.

  11. Glad to hear that you have enjoyed yourself. :)

  12. Ok, we go together in the next trip. Hehehe....

  13. fast . time next holiday pi mana?

  14. 27 days oversea?? Wow, so nice~

    Glad that you dint experience any jetlag, but I bet it was quite tiring...

  15. The sign says "Please remain seated" and there you are standing tall...they cant read your mind *reamind* haha

  16. Glad you had a great trip with family, Claire!

  17. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Good for you!

  18. how i wish i could go for a vacation like that during holidays

  19. how i wish i could go for a vacation like that during holidays

  20. irene: yes..definitely worth it..

    daddy: thanks for your useful tips!

    hayley: thank God i didnt.. back to normal and working the next day! :)

    bananaz: yes, i was standing.. hahaha..

    gigi: thanks, i did!

    MG: need a break every now and then.. old bones going to creak soon! hahaha..

    mecoy: u sure can.. you are still so young...


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