Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last Minute Shopping In Las Vegas Premium Factory Outlets

The very next morning we had to leave Las Vegas for San Diego .....but before we did, we went to the premium factory outlet center to do our last minute shopping.... The mall is just walking distance from our Tahiti Village Resort and wasting no time, after rubbing massive sunblock lotion on our face and arms, we took a ten minutes walk to the mall under the hot sun....
This captivated my eyes.... by claire's
Looking back at these pictures, it was actually a few hours walk in this mall.. 
and surprisingly not tired at all... (where shopping is concerned)
the feet were not tired but the stomach was growling...
and we came here to the food court to have our lunch..
it was quite crowded...
we tried this double beef burger....
too filling for my liking...
I went for Panda Express... chinese food... hahahaha...
then my sister bought this for me to try... 
I forgot the name but I know it is a from a Mexican food outlet...
something like the "popiah" skin wrapping up rice, beef and all...
 I took a bite just to try...
but I still prefer the Panda Express.. LOL...
One more picture of the accessory shop ... by claire's
Perhaps one day...
 there might be a Reanaclaire outlet somewhere.. 
Never know... 


  1. that popiah seems to be the most delicious among all

  2. mecoy: oh, i prefer the chinese rice.. hahaha..

  3. During our stay in London, Mum said the happiest moment was when we ordered a Chinese take away. Once a Chinese, always a Chinese.

  4. I remember going to the LV outlet. Not too far from all the Hotels. I think the wrap you are talking about must be the Mexican Buritto.

  5. such a great experience..glad you enjoyed your shopping..

  6. It was certainly a big burger.


  7. gertrude: yes..!!! you got it.. now i remember she mentioned this name.. burrito.. so filling!

    filip: yeah.. i cannot even finish half.. but when it comes to rice, I can! hahaha..

  8. wenn: and come back broke.. hahahaa...

  9. you are MY kind of eaters!

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  10. Wow! This is really a long trip for you in US eh? Really worth your visa. hehehe.

  11. The meal portion really big. The double beef burger is huge haha

  12. cloudia: eat in small quantities.. and more often!

    carolyn: yes.. it stretches for 3 weeks more but double the posts!

    vicky: yes.. for us asians, it is super size! hahaha..

  13. Drooling!!!...all looks so nice.

  14. Why all food pics? I thought you are going to show us some of your loots~~ :D

  15. irene: just to fill our stomach.. :)

    yvonne: let me tell u.. the hands were all full.. no one to take picture of us carrying the bags.. ! :)

  16. Proud owner of the shop..ehheheheh.

  17. hahaha, you are a very "rice" person meh?? go to US still want to have chinese food?? hehehe, but looks good though~~ :D


Thank you, readers!

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