Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Our Poses In Bed Before And After...

Forgive me if I keep repeating this... Time flies.... or should I say.. Time rockets.... many times I pleaded with Time to slow down... so much to do and yet so little Time...

Last Saturday morning, I had a slight shock.... I couldn't get up from bed... when I sat up, the stabbing pain at my backbone was so tremendous that I had to fall back on the bed again... What happened, I asked myself... my whole back was stiffened and it took me minutes to get the right position to get up from bed without triggering more pain....

Gosh, is this signs of "old age?"  Then I tried to recall what had caused the pain... re-wind my grey cells and it suddenly dawned upon me that the fault lies to my Fat Pet!  I remember taking her out for a walk and all of a sudden, she pulled me with all her strength towards another dog which was coming her way... Yes!  I was unexpectedly "jerked" and I think my back nerves were in shock....

Ok, this post is not about my backpain... it is about Time Traveling Super Fast....
I remember taking this picture when she was about four years old..
Her signature pose ....
we did the same pose for fun last week...
and hopefully in another 10 years or more, 
I will post up another same pose again...
(provided I could still cross my legs by then)


  1. awww....that is so cute and precious. you still look the same, Claire :)

  2. awww this is so sweet... mother daughter bonding time =)

  3. barb: edit the picture.. hahah..

    daniel: fun time!

  4. Wah what a colourful nightie! hehe

  5. Wah..your daughter has grown up to be a beautiful lady and you, did not change did you maintain the youthful look??

  6. gratitude: malaysia is famous for colorful clothing, right?

    agnes: you heard of editing? hehehe

  7. hehehe..... you look better now than in the past.

  8. eat more hoisum... keeps u young... heh heh heh... so, when is the next makan? would want to order the hoisum dish again... love it love it...

  9. that's nice! It's good to see your girl growing up beautifully.

  10. chris: wahhh...bodek me ah... hahaha..

    wk: this time I will take u to a bigger treat!!

    wenn: too thin! :p

  11. This is so cute...Time really flies, and before you know it, they have grown up. Take good care!

  12. Don't ignore that back pain. Go and see a good Chinese sinseh/chiropractioner. You may need some massage or adjustment done. Best to go early.

    Going to a doctor, you may have to go for physio and serious cases they may have to do surgery. I think I prefer the first option.

    Hmmm...last pic, you and Fernie look like sisters. Can see the resemblance.

  13. Your daughter has grown up into a lovely woman. And time has stood still for you, too, Claire! Hope your back feels better.

  14. Priceless moment :) i would do this with my boy too :)

  15. speedy recovery Claire!! May you have many many more 'cross leg' photo with your 'bunny' girl! this is just priceless!

  16. andrew: yeah, before we knew it, we have grown old.. hhaha..

    stp: today i feel slightly better.. not so stiff.. yea, if it continues to be painful, I have to do something about it.. not as "young" as I want to be.. sigh..

    gigi: wish time stood still for me but seems it is not so.. the body is showing signs of ageing.. :)

    bananaz: mine better.. old wine! hahahaa..

    stella: yes and down the years ahead, you take another one and compare.. hahaha...

  17. What a cute pose, Claire! Both your hair has grow longer already ;)

    You guys did it on purpose, am I right?

  18. Yeah very cute pose and she look pretty and cute too. You still look the same.

  19. cyn: that is nice..thank you very much!!!

  20. hey this set of photos is cute lah.. yes, you should do that maybe every year and see how much you have changed.. but frankly, you didn't change at all, still look young except the hair is longer now.. :p

  21. Oh very nice! She's grown up and pretty, and you haven't grown too much. :)

  22. you only grow more beautiful!

    Back pain is a very common part of being human....hope you feel better

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  23. hahaha...very nice pose. :p.

    Cant see you age leh. Only see girl girl grow

  24. that is soooo cute haha you two look better

  25. that is soooo cute haha you two look better

  26. yvonne: the pose is on purpose, not the hair.. hahaha..

    vicky: she has grown and I have shrunk.. :p

    sk: thank you for the compliment!! i need that..hahaah...

    stacy: as i said, i have shrunk.. :)

    cloudia: yes, better today, thanks!!

    mecoy: thank you!!

  27. So priceless memories. The daughter from cute little one to a beautiful lady and the mommy still maintained. Look gorgeous some more..

  28. kathy: see got any more poses in my pictures or not.. :))

    chun: after editing.. ok a bit.. hahaha...

  29. Eh? U both still look the same... hahaha... Fernie and you dun change much... feel like Fernie just changed in size... hahahaha... grow taller, but her face still looks the same...

  30. Take time to heal.....rub the effected part with Deep Heating Rub medication..... will feel better.
    Take care...

  31. May be when you take the photo again 10 years later, there will be 3 people in the photo.


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