Thursday, November 15, 2012

Awal Muharram Public Holiday Spent In Taiping

Today is Awal Muharram and it is a public holiday again for us here... as I said, this week is the best.. two non-working days!! YEH!!!!

And to make use of our day off, my friends suggested going to Taiping and since nothing is holding us back, we started our journey around 10am with empty stomachs! hahaha...

Took us around an hour to reach the Taiping food court.....
Our first destination...
we ordered two plates of Taiping fried koay teow...
RM4 per plate...
and fried oyster... (medium size RM9)
Leng Chee Kang ice for me...
my girl saw these... Her Favourite!!
Lau Sar Pau... very nice... RM1.50 for one.. 
She took two of these.. wow....
my "Eating" kakis.. (friends)
Then we adjourned to Flamington Hotel....
Not to check in... but to "visit" their restroom... hehhee..

After our breakfast and a drive round Lake Gardens,
we adjourned to Kuala Sepetang to have an educational tour...
tomorrow's post!


  1. I love the pau too!! Drooling like the pau now. hehehe!

  2. Didn't get to meet any Taiping blogger-friends? Lau sar pao here...RM10.00 for 9, a bit cheaper. Also very nice.

  3. Love the fried koay teow. Drooling!!!....and the Leng Chee Kang ice is surely refreshing.

  4. rose: me too.. :)

    stp: no, I didnt get to meet.. :)

    irene: the koay teow a bit oily.. but walloped them all the same.. hahaa...

  5. I was there once....many, many moons ago. I love the jiu hu eng chai......mmmm. I really miss all those eating atmosphere :(

  6. How I wish I can go back to Taiping as well right now. :(

  7. I would love to go back taiping for its food..

  8. kathy: yeah.. believe it or not..

    tekkaus: no leave?

    wenn: quite near to Ipoh actually..

  9. didn't meet up with Yvonne and Yan ?

  10. Good to jalan jalan makan angin out of town once in a while..after all is public mood this week! after our trip to KL last week, we stayed at home resting this few days..

  11. what ever that Lau Sar Pau is its sure seems yummy


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