Thursday, November 15, 2012

Car Rental Services

When I was holidaying in Sacramento, my sister told me that they do not drive their own cars to go out of states.  Instead they prefer to go rent cars whenever they go for vacation.  I guess it is more practical this way since the car rentals are not that expensive.  Their rates differ daily, depending on the date you choose.  My sister will always check online to see how much the rates are, the longer you rent, the cheaper the rates will be.
During my three weeks holiday, my sister has rented three different vehicles, all to accommodate the seven of us.  It is a MPV and we were very comfortable sitting in, my brother-in-law drove us around, from one town to another.  Imagine having to drive for eight hours!  From Sacramento to Las Vegas and to some parts of the cities as well.  He told us that it is better to rent a car than to drive their own vehicle which can only fit in the most five passengers. Both my sister and my BIL are so nice, they gave us the best they can offer.  In fact we were told to come back again next year.  This time they will take us to Florida and if we have plans to do so, they will check into the tampa car rental when we reach Florida.  From the airport, we can straight go for their car rental services, either that or booking the car earlier through online reservation.  It will surely save more time and money if we book it earlier.  Guess I better tell my sister about this car rental services in Florida, they have special offers and time savings that come with membership as well.  

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  1. i always prefer to travel in cars provided by car rental services!! where ever i go..whether it be for vacations or be for my business purposes!! taking our own cars outside is a big problem!!so i am always in search of the best car rental service..thanks for the blog post..its helpful!!


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