Sunday, November 11, 2012

Congratulations To Datuk Lee Chong Wei/Wong Mew Choo

Congratulations to Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Datin Wong Mew Choo... 
Too bad I couldn't make it to their wedding dinner.. LOL... 
and I also missed out watching their wedding being live telecast last night...
Hope he will continue to be in TOP form after his wedding..
And looking forward to more Super Matches from him...

I didn't get to watch it yesterday because there was no NTV7 at the place where I was staying.. (will furnish with more details on Tuesday) ... I googled about the wedding live because there are so many comments in the FB regarding to the wedding dinner... and the only way to watch the wedding is through but when I clicked on it, I have to register... sigh.. guess I will watch it when I am back on Tuesday...  Is there any other website to watch without having to "register?"


  1. Congratulations to the newly-wed couple. Hope he will always be our National Hero.

  2. Photos all over Facebook...Rosmah plonked right in between the couple. Potong stim! LOL!!!!

  3. oh ive seen this before they were indedd a lovely couple a match made in heaven

  4. oh ive seen this before they were indedd a lovely couple a match made in heaven

  5. there will still be a program related to this tonight..galaxy of love..ntv at 9 or 10pm..not sure.

  6. Wedding gowns are very pretty & nice to look at but not graceful during the walk as she had a tough time walking and climbing the steps. She needs more bridesmaids to help out.

  7. I think the wedding is to me overly covered,why the live telecast?I really don't understand it and I hope next time when Nicol David gets married,she will have live coverage as well.....hahhahahah

  8. I didn't watch the telecast, but the next day, all I see in my FB was the 'lightbulb' only..

  9. Just go youtube.....a lot of vids there!


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